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On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 4:12 AM, CRAIG JENSEN wrote:
Hi Caden
Hope your week was awesome, the past week for us has been filled with cool experiences.. Here are a few of them:
Sunday on the dead head drive back from disney Jensen got a little sick which caused a chain reaction from Katie and Dave, went sorta like this, Jensen threw up, Katie caught it in her hands, went to throw it out the window, the wind blew a little onto Karlies face, then when Dave pulled over and got out to help, he threw up because it was so gross and then katie couldn't keep it together so she started throwing up on the side of the road... Mom and I were in our car a mile ahead so we missed all the action.. Funny, memorable Disney trip!
The Lindt store was out of business so we couldn't get any chocolates in Primm (see my old man sad face)
Monday for FHE we had dance lessons in preparation for the Saturday night Gala, I've decided Im not a dancer
Tuesday we had a group of YSA ward members over for dinner, good times eating playing farkle and visiting.
Wednesday we did a little shopping and called it a night, Thursday we took a group of YSA ward members to Tuchanos for dinner, good eats and fun.
Friday was chill we watched the movie Maze Runner, I think you read the books.. Kind of a different movie right?
Saturday was crazy busy! We went to the 5th ward breakfast party, we sat with the Wilcoxes, lots of ward members asked about how you were doing, we told them great! And fortunately you had a good trainer and were able to get into the work quickly. later Saturday I helped Grandpa J with some plumbing, (I'm not a very good plumber) I cleaned the outside garage, and then we went to the Smith party in Draper (200+ people) good times... they spotlighted Grandma Roden, it was cool. After that party we had our YSA ward Gala (dinner & dancing in formal attire) it was pretty cool to see all the ward member dressed up eating and dancing
If you noticed the biggest thing missing in this week of winter activities is that which usually defines me.. (sledding) We have not received any snow since mid November, there is no place to ride.. Hopefully the storm that is here now will lay some white stuff down so I can get out...
This christianity stuff is pretty cool right? I'm sure you enjoy spreading the Christmas spirit there in Taiwan. I'm pumped knowing about the great experiences you are having! We are having quite a few of our own here at home! thank you for setting such a great example for us all.
Talk soon
Love ya

Hello Caden,
How was your week? Fantastic I hope. As you can read in dad's letter it was a busy week, but that ok cause busy is good. I won't repeat all that dad told you about, but it was crazy. Glad you liked our pictures from Disneyland. We didn't get to many weird looks with your picture. We just wanted a part of you there why you are doing great and amazing things so we thought this would be a good way. What has your week been like? Many dinner appointments? How's the bike holding up and performing? This upcoming week for us is a little less intense. We get to go to our home ward after this Sunday for the next two weeks. It will be nice to be able to visit and meet the new families that have moved in which are quite a few. We woke up this morning to a smidgin of snow. Not much but we will take it. We are going to be in trouble this summer if we don't get something soon. It was 60 degrees plus Friday, crazy right. Everyone is wearing flip flops and short sleeves. Looks like you have a few days of no rain coming up, you didn't answer last time, how are the feet holding up? Are you able to keep them dry at all. How have splits been going? Do you think you will get transferred when you get your new companion? Sounds like you have had some really amazing experiences, I am happy about that and hope you have many more. News from home.. Dave Morrey's dad had to have open heart surgery Friday, he had a little heart attack and they checked him out and realized they needed to operate. He is doing ok, still really out of it. Dave has gone up several times to see him, he is at the UofU hospital. Not many can visit him yet. We will keep you posted on his condition. Grandpa J is doing a little better now. How are you? We look so forward to your call, dad has set up a Google hangout account to talk to ya, I think that's what you said we should use... We are going to practice tonight with the kids and see how it works. I love you son, and I am very proud of you. Be safe and happy! We love you very much. Take care of your self. Quote "from home to home, heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other." We will send some pics for ya. If you get a chance do the same. Love Mom
Craig n Sue Jensen
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 On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 4:12 AM, Caden JENSEN wrote:
sup home slice, that experience is hilarious I wouldve have just freaking laughed my head off the whole time! sorry about the lindt store :( that week is nuts man! and dancing haha so fun, I bet you did just fine, quick whining haha! sounds like tuesday and wednesday were pretty chill though that is super nice! thursday sounds delicious haha and I never got to read the books, but you make the movie sound not so great so maybe I am happy I didn't hha! Saturday was straight up nuts! but two parties, dont hurt yourselves haha, that is cool and what were you plumbing, not a good plumber.. What ever.. you've always been good to help gpa! that spotlight sounds, cool, what all did they do, and that gala sounds awesome! this lady today fed us at this super gao ji (formal) restaurant and it was super good and very like french ish it was awesome haha! maybe at the same time that formality was a little monkey suitish too huh haha! but sorry about the snow that is lame sauce! itll come right! then I expect pics haha! but also yeah spreading the christmas spirit is awesome! and the Lord totally prepares peeps! great week here in Banqiao and lots of fun times serving the Lord! this week we had all of our recent converts at church!!! so good to see them all loving the gospel and become active solid members! it truly was amazing! we also had the opportunity to meet a couple Less active members that we had not met before, one of them has been less active since he was nine and we came and he was so happy to see us some people really are just waiting for an invitation! but we also have noticed that a lot of the Less actives, have very interesting thoughts and maybe don't completely understand parts of the Gospel especially the Atonement, all of the problems tie back to things that it can fix, so it shows how vital the Atonement is and making sure that everyone understands! but craziest part of the week, we had a member from Xinzhuang call us with a referral and she came and peike'd it was her friend from work who had gone to another church and felt very uncomfortable, we walk in and introduce ourselves, and she starts crying, we got to baptism and and she said "I feel like I should get baptized on Christmas, that just feels like a very special day, it is my gift." so cool! this Christmas will truly be a white one! she came to the Nativity and loved it! the English Ward did a great job! This work is incredible and the Lord truly knows us all!  but anyway! that lady (peifen) had like a dream and all about us and it was freaking incredible, she is so cool! and some of the LAs really are so sad to see homes, like one guy said he wanted to go to outer darkness because he needed to experience pain for progression, it really is rough sometimes! but Elder Kesler got his departure stuff today so soon! keep up the work I am pumped to exhange stories! right some of them down, and also share the gift haha! watch that video on Mormon.org it is the best! love you home slice talk to you soon!
mama! good week, and we get like a dinner a week ish, but it is fun, the bike is good! the rain isn't that bad, and my feet stay super dry but it is true you can experience, a cold 60 degrees haha it happened last week! but it was so nice! splits dont happen really just exchanges, and those are fun! and naw I will orient someone on the area I bet I will be here in banqiao until pry march or later, which I am ok with I love it here! I will pray for Dave's dad how is dave doing? tell them both I love em! try that Google out and tell me how it works so i can do it too haha! good quote too! and I think that it will be on christmas night at about six ish! for you because it will be the 26th at about 8 for us! thank you for the pics I will try and get you some next week love you all keep being incredible miss you, but this is what is gonna make us and a whole ton of people happier forever! love you all, keep being homies!:) you da best! 
PS may actually be anywhere between 5-9 Christmas night for you guys sorry! love ya! 
Elder Jensen

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