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Dear Caden,
Happy birthday!!!Face throwing a kissBirthday cakeBalloonWrapped present I hope your birthday is wonderful and amazing. We made brownies for your bday for Roden's, we are singing to you so we will sing really loud and hope you hear us. Sounds like you had american thanksgiving food. Was it delicious having food from home? It was a strange thanksgiving for dad and I, it was just us at Roden's. We were missing all of our kids and grandkids and son in laws. We got by, it was relaxing I guess. I watched jensen Friday so I did not go Black Friday shopping. Didn't really miss it, I had more fun with jensen. We sent your Christmas box, but forgot the Xmas letters. We plan on mailing them as a letter Monday. Weather has been pretty warm here for November, we will see if it stays that way. I'm sure dad told you we sold the bronco, sad to see it gone but at the same time nice to have it gone.
Had a question on when you call for Christmas, do you care if syd is here, or do you want just family. It's your call, we are ok either way.
So do you eat much at members or other peoples houses? Do they watch out for you? Sounds like you are having a get together at the mission home for Christmas, hope we don't get in trouble for telling you that. Hope it wasn't a secrete.
June got her first hair cut, she did pretty good with sitting still, Mars hair didn't need one yet. Jensen is actually talking in short sentences, can count to ten and say the alphabet with a little help. The girls aren't just walking but running now. They can say a few short words, hi, bye, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and a few others. They love your poster hanging in the room, all three grandkids always say hi to it when we are in that room and blow you kisses. They all know their uncle Caden.
Hope your week has been wonderful and prosperous and this week will be also. Hope Wednesday is the best and you know we are thinking of you. I still cry sometimes but now they are tears of pride and happiness because you are doing the lords work, sure I miss you but I know you are changing lives. What an honor to be doing the lords work. We sure love you and appreciate you. Keep working hard and we will keep things going here.    Once again have a great birthday, and we will truly talk soon, can't wait. Hugs and kisses. Quick quote" there is always, always, always, something to be grateful for." I am for my family, this gospel and my testimony. Love you much momFace throwing a kiss

Hope you had a good thanksgiving, we sure missed you! Here is a run down of our past week..
Monday for FHE our YSA ward made pies, we learned a couple pretty cool tricks about making crusts but I still think buying them is easier... We made the run to chic fila after FHE as usual. Tuesday we picked up your bronco and bike from powerhouse and made a Costco run, nothing real exciting.. Wednesday we sold your bronco to a farmer in Lake Shore.. We pretty much gave it away.. It was needing new tires, both doors were broke, the heater wasn't working, and the death wobble was back... Sad to see it go, but I'm happy not to be putting more money in it... Later we helped my folks with some of their Christmas decorations and then went out to Magelbys Fresh.. Thursday was Thanksgiving with Rodens, before the festivities I unloaded Tomcars and loaded sleds Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes luckily they all started pretty easy.. T Dinner was awesome, lots of people and great grub. Later that night we went to Jensen's to plan the day after, weird thing, mom did not go shopping.. But I kept tradition and went to Cal Ranch, I picked up some socks and stuff.. Then we took Biesingers sledding to the cabin, not a ton of snow but enough to ride the road. Grandpa is still recovering from his operation so we didn't push it.. We were home by 1:00, Mom and I hung out that night watched a movie and stuff.. Saturday we did a little shopping and tinkered in the garage etc.. Then went for sushi at Wild Ginger.. We need a little more snow before sledding will keep me busy...
The girls and their families spent the thanksgiving holiday with their in laws, so it was pretty different...
This week we are all going to Disneyland, We leave on your birthday and come back Sunday. We are really going to miss you Crying face
Hope you were able to get the packages we sent you a few weeks ago.. Let us know.. We sent you a Christmas package Friday, I think the mission office is planning a Christmas party for all the missionaries, they will probably give it to you then.. There are a whole bunch of little gifts in it.. It's expensive to ship stuff to you so we have suggested people put money in your U of U debit card account, that way you can get what you want or need.. If there are things from home you would like us to ship you, please let us know k?
I'm sooo proud of you Caden, grateful for your ability and desire to serve, thank you for being awesome
Have a great birthday!!
Luv dad

We've attached a couple pics and will send another email with some others...

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thanks mama! I bet thanksgiving was super weird, we are feeding ourselves a lot but we are hoping to change that this upcoming month because we need the members help! we just blew 3000 quai today though (100 dollars) on groceries! sorry about thanksgiving that is the last one that you wont have kids at though haha but I bet black friday was super weird! thank you for the packages you are too nices and also sorry about the warmth I hope that changes haha for dads sake haah! glad jens and the girls are doing good and actually know who I am haah! man I love them! the bronc is gone haha finally! who did you sell it too, I hope they were dope! haha of course syd is welcome, it is totally up to you all, I would love to see as many people as I can! haha! but man I love you guys, you are the best and I am so pumped that you guys still love me haha! I think of you all everyday, and pray for you every night, I hope that you can feel it haha! cause I can definitely feel yours! love you all oh by the way fun week in Banqiao we had a lot of contacting time this week and it has been more effective as we have been pulling over on our bikes and talking to a ton of people! it has been a blast! xu JM passed her interview and that is a prayer answered for sure, she was not really ready last week but then Elder G and Elder K met with her and she got ready real fast, the next day I called her and she said she was coming to church on sunday for her interview it was incredible!!! exchanges are even guided by the Lord! we also had another investigator who has been atheist for awhile accept a date! it was so cool to see as our bishop talked to her about how she shouldn't have stress and the Lord will help her! We have a couple investigators who are having a hard time making it to church, but we hope to help them make it, and we are trying to figure out ways during studies and basically all of the time! Stake conference was great this weekend, but our bishop got put into the stake presidency, so we are anxiously waiting to see who the new Bishop is! the focus was a lot on temple work and staying true it seemed, and it helped me realize how important it is to keep having good habits, but also to do things with heart, not just because we are asked to! It was a good weekend! excited for this upcoming week, the miracles keep flowing! also this week we got to have Mormon. org time and I was reading others testimonies and the our beliefs page and we watched the "He is the Gift" video and that was a testimony builder hard core it was awesome! then also it poured the other day and I had a Book of Mormon on my bike at the subway station, and I prayed and prayed that it would survive, then I went back, and I had parked under an ok awning that usually leaks, and everything was soaking wet around my bike, but my box with the Book of Mormon was completely dry, coolest thing ever! I am thankful for all of you and the Lord and the Atonement! and the Spirit without all of those things, this would be impossible!

Dad! haha sounds like the YSA ward keeps you real busy that is awesome!!! that is fun! good to hear that the Bronc is gone, but what about the bike! I have decided that when I get back I will definitely have a motorbike, but just a dirt one :) scooters uh uh hope that that farmer treats my baby well, and wait you took the subs out right ;) haha sounds like grandpa is doing better! and that snow looks super sugary, I guess that is early snow though huh! good to hear thanksgiving was good, and that all is happy haha! weird no shopping but thanks for getting socks that is awesome! and good to hear that you still got some shopping in and sushi haha! miss that I have only had a little here, when we went to Ilan! disneyland is going to be freaking sweet I expect pics haha! I am so pumped to hear how the kids do! but man I love you all thank you for all you do and the money thing is a good idea, I can get some sweet stuff for the fam and for life, definitely haha! everything is pretty good here and I dont really need stuff haha, just love hahaahhahahahaha! oh man you all are the best keep up the good work and pray for snow haha! love you all! see you soon! be safe, and keep being the people I love

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