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Hi Caden
Biggest question of the week.. How should we plan on talking with you this Christmas? We have loaded google hangout on all our devices and it seems to work pretty cool, but we are not sure what you will be using.. Do you have access to a computer or tablet? Will you be using your caden13 google account?  Let us know what works best..
This past week was pretty good for us..
Monday we had YSA FHE where we exchanged gifts. Tuesday was the traditional chocolate dipping night at our house, Wednesday we went shopping, Thursday was the neighborhood Christmas party (at Averett's this year). Friday was Jensen's birthday, (two years old!), we partied at the Morrey residence. Grandpa J, Dave Morrey and I went sledding Saturday (still not much snow..) The U of U won their bowl game in Vegas Saturday (Doty's went to the game). BYU plays Tuesday in Florida..
It's been a different Christmas season for us.. No snow and you being gone  creates a significant void, but as you have said in emails before, we are stronger and better people because of our sacrifices and service. Gods plan sure keeps us focused and grounded to what's important in life.. Right? Love you son, can't wait to talk with you later this week.
We will send pics in another email..

Hello Caden Jensen (Elder),
How was your week, spectacular I hope. Our week was good, not too busy. We get to go to our home ward for the next two weeks so we look forward to seeing everyone. We had the neighborhood Christmas party Thursday, good to see people and visit. They all asked about you and wanted to know how you are doing. Lots of people ask all the time. We ran in to Mike Schultzkie, yesterday and he was really interested in how your doing. We finally got to see a picture of you that your comp sent his family. You look happy and like you were enjoying your fancy dinner. Are you able to find away to exercise or be physically active at all. I can send you back your jump rope if you want it. Are you excited to have the get together at the mission home? Hope your package made it there. Very glad to hear that your feet are staying dry. How are they feeling otherwise, lots of biking, do they get sore.
We are so excited to hear from you, hope it works. Have you been given an exact time that you are calling? Are you pretty sure it is our Christmas night? Hope you are keeping busy and enjoying your time there, we miss you much but know you are doing amazing things and are where you need to be. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Babies have been sick but we think they are finally starting to feel better. Jensen started it then it has gone through them all. Poor little bugs. Jensen's birthday party was fun, hard to believe that he is 2 already. All three of them are smart, and funny. Each has their very own different personalities. Everyone is keeping busy and working hard. If you need new clothes, you have money. Please take care of yourself and be careful on your bike. Love you very much son and soooo excited to talk with you and hear your wonderful voice. Let us know as much as you know so we can keep Syd posted. Don't let your contacts go to waste, use them if you can. You know what is best for you, just be safe.
Quick quote a funny one this time, "when a woman says What? It's not because she didn't hear you, she's giving you a chance to change what you said." Dad and I laughed at that one. Love you!! talk soonFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartGreen heartPurple heartYellow heart

Craig n Sue Jensen
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hey pops!
yeah we will use that I think I will use my other account, I think, it will be at about anywhere from 8-1030 your guys time, I believe, and we have 30 to 40 minutes! but it will be sweet! sounds like a fun week! miss dipping pretzels hope that went well, did the karaoke come out too haha! how the party? and happy birthday mini me, hope it was awesome love ya bud!what all did you do for it! and sledding is still sledding right haha still havent had another storm? way to be utah and jiayou BYU haha but yeah it is a little different huh! but it is good, give it a year and a half and all will be right again, then I will get married and all will be crazy sweet haha!
but! I understand why people go on missions, it is truly just a spiritual experience and it is incredible! this week was really good! on monday we had the opportunity to go finding and the third lady we talked to set a date on the street and has read the Book of Mormon everyday since, it has been incredible to see the gospel change lives, we also had an investigator go from smoking seven cigarettes a day to none in a matter of three days, she said it was surprisingly easy! we also had a fun exchange this week! Me and Elder Gray went on an exchange here in Xinban and we had to teach majority of the commandments to one of our investigators, for a missionary that has been here for eleven weeks and one that has been here for one week that is a pretty intimidating task, but we got in there and somehow it worked! she understood all of the commandments, has desire to follow them and passed her Baptismal interview on sunday! we also had the great opportunity of having five people we are teaching show up to our ward christmas party and they had a great time! so good to see the ward helping people get involved! we also had the opportunity to meet with a family in our ward, and we also had the opportunity to have an investigator and an RC come and we had a very spiritual and fun time! This work is so cool! and I am so excited to keep working! love ya man, thank you for all you do, how is work by the way? and you keeping mom happy, happy wife happy life right? it is the same thing with companions, I forget stuff sometimes, and life gets unhappy but then I try and fix it ASAP interested to see who my next one is! love ya! 
mama! first off that quote is way to true haha! how is Schulzke! I miss that guy. sorry that I stink with pics! haha I will try and send them, just gives you more to see when I get home hha! we are way active, that jumprope would sit in a corner, we run and workout hard everymorning and bike everywhere, it is awesome! the party will be fun, for sure and the package came thank you all very much, I am excited to open the package! feeling good, got some fun, digestive stuff sometimes but that is what happens when you eat and bike then repeat haha! keeping busy for sure and time is flying right! sorry the babes are sick that is no bueno tell them to be healthy for me, and I have now decided I will only speak to them in chinese so they learn it haha! clothes are good, life is good and I will start wearing contacts more in the summer when I am sweaty! but keep the kids learning and happy but also disciplined, I have found out the importance of that for sure! the bike stays exciting haha! I love this, it is so sweet and I love all of you! keep being incredible and keeping me updated, cute pics, love you all! 



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