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Hello bubba,

Hard to believe another week has gone by. Hope your week was busy in a good way. We have been busy with the usual stuff, YSA, work, home, kids, Christmas decorations (I will send you a picture next week when they are all finished.) What was your week like? We went to Syd and Sophie's swim meet today, it was an early one 630. They did great, that swimming is a hard thing man. Everyone said hi, lots of people asked about you this week to see how you like Taiwan and being a missionary. Lauren Pilcher leaves February 11 for her mission to Brazil. Tyler Gardanier got his call to Kentucky. He leaves in six weeks. Have you been given any instruction on calling on Christmas yet. How's your health and face. How's the apartment and the heater situation? Do you have a co detector in your apartment? If you don't please let me know and I will send you one. I'm so glad your first companion was such a good one and a hard worker. Hope the next one is just as motivated. The snyders say hello, the older couple. Dan and Viv also, he had eye surgery and is doing much better now that he can see out of both eyes. I went and visited them the other day and they sure love ya. They have your picture hanging on their fridge amongst their family, just like you are one of them. Their grandson is doing great in Peru.
Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have a wonderful one even though they don't celebrate it. We all have so much to be thankful for for sure. Any pictures you want hard copies of that we can send you? Did you get the package with your bday stuff and decorations? Have a wonderful pday and a great and healthy week. Thinking of you always. And praying for you always. Keep up the great work? How is the language, please cut yourself some slack and don't be hard on yourself. I'm sure each day the language will get a little easier with patients. One of the quotes from this week" As the Thanksgiving season approaches remember all it takes is one under cooked turkey and you'll be the dinner rolls and soda person for life."
Love you son, I appreciate you very much.Face throwing a kiss

Hi Bro
Hope you had a great week, ours has been nice, we've been keeping ourselves pretty busy. You mentioned you "got lost" in your last letter.. That must have been scary if you were truly lost.. Right? I bet that's an interesting story.. You also said people here at home could wear your clothes.. That's also scary.. You may not have any clothes when you get home cause your sisters will take them all...
Sunday was third Sunday at the Jensen's last week, everyone says Hi, they want more pics... Grandpa is healing well. Monday we had family night with the YSA ward, we did arts and crafts and then went to chic fila, (I love that place) Tuesday and Wednesday I had inventory at work, so I didn't get home till a little later... So we just crashed at the house why mom worked on Christmas stuff.. Thursday I helped with a Tragger infomercial, we sure have enjoyed having that grill, it's become a lifestyle for us.. Dan Wilcox also had a part in the filming..Thursday night we went to the SHS high school play, Mikado, it's a musical, Adam Davis was the lead singer.. we were there to support etc.. It was cool..
Friday mom and I went to Chinese dinner see pic, we had our YSA ward party, for the past month ward members have been earning points by doing service stuff.. then for the party we had an auction were the points that had been earned could be redeemed for stuff in an auction, like TItensor reunion. Mom and I donated a snowmobile trip for 2, and dinner for 4 at our house.. The snowmobile trip was one of the big winners going for 26,000 points.. The dinner went for around 13,000. We used our few points for a rock chip repair, and a cool old book called "book of knowledge" from the 1940's.
Today, Saturday we got up early (6:00) and went to Syds swim meet, see pic, kinda cool to watch, she is soooo cool.. the weather has been kinda bad so we just tinkered on Christmas stuff and helped grandpa J for a bit.. We went to joes for dinner, (another fav of mine). Our YSA yard has been very active in reaching out to LA's and non members.. I've become friends with some YSA's that have struggled and are finding their way back. Sooo cool to see them change their lives and then watch as they share with others.. We have a member who didn't even come to church 2 months ago, and now has become a great ward missionary, helping activate his family and friends.. Like you have said before its cool to see people change for the better, right?
This upcoming week is thanksgiving, the day after is going to be different with dad not totally recovered and you not here.. I'm sure we will figure something out... I'll let you know.. I'll probably at least make a cal ranch run...
Hope you got the package we sent a little while back.. Let us know if you need anything, we sure love and appreciate you.
Have a great week!
Love dad

 Craig n Sue Jensen
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Time flies dui bu dui! it is pretty cool though i love it! it has been a fun week again, I guess that is what happens when we are doing the Lord's work!!! we had a baptism this Saturday!!! yu JM got baptized and it was incredible! she is super shy and afraid of water, and we had to do her baptism three times, but her brother got to baptize her and after she overcame her fear she felt super good and she loved her baptism it was awesome! then we had a good lesson with her on sunday, and in her closing prayer she thanked Heavenly Father that Joseph Smith is so lihai, it was way cool! this week we also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I was in Jingxin with Elder Kunz! we initially had four hours of finding but then miraculously had a bunch of people set up, and in the half hour of finding we had we taught a lesson with the first person we found! the coolest part of the exchange was that he handed me some formers and asked me to go through them and see if I wanted to call them! I was going through and almost threw one out then I decided why not, and it was the first one I called, a xie DX answered and he said he wanted us to come over ASAP and give his mother in law and their house a blessing, it was really cool, he was Catholic and his mom was bai bai but they had faith that the blessings would help them it was super cool! and the spirit was really strong! the Lord definitely changes plans when he needs them changed!
thank you for supporting them that is super cool and i hope everyone knows that the Lord blessed missionaries and that is why I am happy, it aint got jack to do with me haha! exciting to hear about other missionaries, ashlyn is probably out now too huh! fengle!!! I will use google chat I think that is what it is called, it is just run through here and I will keep you more posted as Christmas comes near, but it will be on Christmas day most likely morning your Christmas eve most likely! face and all is good, mopped the apartment today, that was nast! but the heater thing is hai ok it doesn't get to cold and we have blankets! good to hear that the old people in the ward like me haha love them all and good to hear dan is doing well! and he can see! I will get the package from the bu (office) next week probably we just wont be over there this week, but you too have great thanksgiving and I am so thankful that I have you all! you are the best love you all! language is good and I am hard on myself but you know me it helps and I get over it haha! but you don't make turkey you make pie, so jia you with that one haha! love ya mama! 
pops! haha getting lost was fine I just asked some guy to use his cell phone and found kong ZL pretty quickly and aw I don't need clothes haha! haha hello everyone and I know pictures are hard sometimes.. you have a part in an infomercial.. you have to be freaking kidding me haha, that is awesome! Sounds like the play was fun and interesting
That auction sounds freaking sweet! and how did you like it that looks like beef noodle soup! haha good stuff! she is pretty sweet huh! that is super cool LAs are interesting and fun to talk to and help them get back you are so right! good to hear grandpa is doing better though! and buy some wool socks for me:) love you man! oh one more insight for ya! this week for studies I actually studied fishing! couple things, missionary work is fishing! we are fishing doesn't always mean we are catching, but if we are in the right place with the right bate it makes it more likely, also we have to have our line in the water, if the line isn't in there you can't get anything! and we must teach a man to fish so that they can keep catching! pretty cool and there are many more things, haha I love this work man! and I love you all! have a great week! wo hen ganxie wo you nimen, Shen cigei wo nimen yinwei ta zhende zhidao we xuyao you nimen lai bangzhu wo you kuaile, he lai bangzhu women dou yongyuan zai yiqi love you all! 



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