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Hi Caden
Hope you had a great week, we have been busy getting ready for winter. Looks like your weather is cooling down a bit, but still pretty wet.. I'm thinking I'll start eating tortillas with cinnamon more.. I love that treat haha. Per your question, I said companions were sometimes hard.. What do you find difficult?  I guess what kept me happy on my mission, and even today is being optimistic.. looking for the good in everything.. (Not sweating the small stuff) We are all Gods children, I know where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we are going. I think a positive attitude and that knowledge goes a long way in staying strong and happy.
So Monday for FHE we collected food and stuff for a shelter, Tuesday we visited Dad at the hospital, he was getting a little better, but still pretty sick.. Wednesday we had bishopric meetings for a couple hours to review the regional conference messages, Thursday we did a Costco run... Friday we raked our and Jensen's leafs up, and visited with Grandpa, he came home from the hospital Friday and seems to be doing much better, but it's probably going to be a couple months before he can ride sleds. We went to Joe Bandidos for dinner. It snowed most the day Saturday, only about 3 inches but drizzly... so the day was spent getting all the Christmas stuff out of the storage room under the stairsv and bringing it up.. You know what I'm talking about.. mom will most likely have it all out up by next weekend. Makes me tired just thinking about it haha.  We went to chilis for dinner watched Utah and BYU win their football games, should mean bowl games for both teams..
We usually try and attach a couple pics let us know if you get them in the emai?
Hope you are doing great, we are excited to get your letter Sunday night
Love ya!

Hello son,

Boy I sure love you Elder Jensen! We started putting up the village today and carried everything up, oh how we missed your energy and strength, but we did it. Loved your last letter. Sounds like hard work but rewarding when things come together. In times of discouragement keep working and The Lord will bless you. How was your week? Much progress? I hope you have your rain gear and you are wearing it, we have watched the weather and you have had a lot of rain. Please make sure you have a coat so you are prepared for the colder air, plus stay as dry as possible so you stay healthy. What was your favorite part of this week for you. You should be getting your package by the beginning of next week. I am so thankful for prayer and my savior and how he helps guide us to where we need to be and what we need to do. Also grateful that your relationship with The Lord helps you in all you are doing. So now that you have been out for a bit, is it anywhere close to what you thought it would be like? Are you wearing your contacts at all, if so how are they working out.
Got our first snow of the year the other day. Not a lot but some. Pictures at the bottom. Everyone is doing well and working hard at work, school and home. Babies growing and keep us hoppin. Anyone we can pray for or any requests from you? Please be safe, take care of yourself and know how much we love you. You are wonderful and many blessings come from you serving. Know if you have any questions or worries we are hear and we love you. Quote for this week" Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them is the true measure of our Thanksgiving." Love you much, enjoy your new week! MOM

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I feel you, the companion thing isn't too bad at all... yet haha! but optimism is the best and I would haft to say the hardest thing has been not just the language, but when I screw up in the language and make it so people are super umcomfy! and I got lost the other day, that was rough, but my chinese worked so I found Kong Zhanglao! haha sounds like a good week! it has been a great week here in Banqiao! we have seen plenty of miracles especially with timing! the Lord has supplied countless numbers of green lights and rightly timed taxis to get us where we need to be on time, when we thought it was impossible! and due to the punctuality, He has also allowed us to find a few prepared people to share with! it is amazing how we can just barely make it somewhere and that is the exact time that we find the people we need to find! another incredible thing that we saw this week was a wu DX he is 18 and about to go into the military but he is going to baptize his little sister first! last week he got the aaronic priesthood, this week he passed the sacrament and said the opening prayer in sacrament! his progression is a miracle and so cool to see! last thing this week! I was studying in 1st Nephi and there is a verse that says the Lord can not forget us, we are engraven on His palms, I saw that and realized that through the nail prints on His palms He remembers us, and He literally can never forget us, therefore He can never forsake us as long as we use the Atonement, it was a beautiful realization about the power and the Eternal aspect of the Atonement! miracles come through studies as well! we also had a trip to yilan out east and it was beautiful! I want to go back there! we went to a fish market and it was awesome and we ate some... fun stuff haha! sounds fun! glad to hear g pa is doing better I have been praying hard for him! but jia you with the christmas stuff! that is always fun right! haha good to hear that we won and love having the pics, i also love that i am going to the u by the way, that has been like awesome for me to have like planned! but love you all you really are the best! this week i also realized the importance of WML they are super important! but also we went and found LAs and we found a sun DX (DX means brother, JM means sister) and he and his wife are not married in the temple but the next day they came to the yilan activity and they are going to start coming back to church and everyone was super welcoming and we had a sister come to yilan too who is an investigator, her husband isn't interested but she brought her two sons (3 and 5) and they followed us calling us meiguo gege (american brother) all day long so cute and funny! but love you all missing the snow and stuff but hai hao le haha! love you all!

miss bringing up the gifts haha! life is good, cold is still relative but it is definitely rain season haha! I am healthy and it is pretty similar to what I expected but there are parts that are crazy different, like the amount of nice cars I see, i bike and just oh there goes fifty grand, ooooooh there goes three hundred grand, ohp that one, I dont even know how much, it is nuts out here and everyone pimps out everything haha! oh and there are these blue trucks everywhere haha! and busses are funny! and scary at times haha! but I love it, it is cool being on the Lords errand, great quote! love you all you truly keep me going and happy! the Lord will provide, keep up the good work and anyone can wear my clothes! haha love you 

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