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On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 12:38 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

Well hello Elder,
How has your week been? Just a quick note, don't worry about the friend letter like I said, we pieced together a letter from all your emails, it lets your friends know how you are doing and what you are up too. It will be fun to get all these letters and hear how everyone is doing. Please be thinking of bday and Christmas cause we will be sending it in a few weeks. Don't say “nothing” cause you know we are going to send stuff... We will also add money to your account so you can get you some stuff there. Those who have you for Christmas want to know if there are brand name restaurants there for food cards and such and how they would work with the money exchange. Is there anything food wise you can't get there that you would really love? Any music we can get or anything else, just give us ideas.
So what has your week been like, hopefully a good and positive one. Have you eaten anything strange that you know of. How the clothes fitting? Can you send some pictures, I know it isn't always convenient but we would love to see through your camera what you see daily and live. Not much has changed here. Springville is the same and all the families are doing good. Did you have to get any new shots when you got there? Did you get your rain gear. We are going to go to our sacrament meeting tomorrow because the young women do their YW in excellence and we love that sacrament meeting program. Then we will head over to our YSA ward. We have bro Packard and Jacob Waugh for our home teachers now, they are coming tomorrow. Had a few calls on the bronco so we will keep you posted if it sells. Are you getting used to the humidity? How's the communication and language going? Be patient with yourself. Know we think of you and pray for you daily. We sure love you bud and truly appreciate your decision to serve. Have a happy Halloween, we will send pictures from the family get together and maybe our YSA party so you can kinda get a feel for the young single adults we interact with. Enjoy your pday. Let us know if you are doing the temple and your pday changes, your comp said it might be a different day if you do the temple. Have an amazing week, we send our love, not just us, but everybody.
 Love mom.

Quick quote "Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife." I know that's not on your mind right now but words to think about in the future. Night but morning for you.

Hi Caden
Hope your week has gone well, there is a rumor on missionary moms about you missionaries getting to go to the Taipei temple here pretty soon and that might mess up your p- day or something (well worth it if you get to go to the temple  right?)
Did you get that package we sent two weeks ago? I think it had some pictures, Oreos and hi-chews in it

Awesome that you are having success sharing the gospel with others, I'm surprised at how quickly you have adjusted and how receptive people in Taiwan are to Americans and Teachings of Christianity...

We had a pretty cool week, for FHE we helped remove sod and did yard work for a young single investigator our ward mission leader and sister missionaries are teaching. It was work but well worth it. Mom had  a great activity night Wednesday it was their Hawaiian daddy daughter night.. lots of work for mom, but it went great. I took customers to the Jazz game Friday night, we had front row seats, I sat next to Greg Miller,  Our soccer team spanked Boca today 6-1 Great game! Tuesday is the last game of the season.. Right now our season record for both teams combined is 10-2-0 and 3 forfeits (drives me crazy that we have forfeited games because we couldn't get enough players to play)
the B team has not lost.
I'm hoping to get out fishing one last time this week, now that soccer is over and before sledding starts.. You know me, I like to participate in wholesome recreational activities. Have you been able to do much recreation on p-days? soccer... sports.. or anything?
Daily we pray for you and those you reach, we know you are doing great things.
Luv ya bro
Take care

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Caden Jensen <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

good week! we have a baptism this upcoming sunday which will be so good! wang JM is so ready! it is cool to see how people who are not even Christian can change their lives and desire to go to BYU within just a short couple of months it truly is a miracle! we also were blessed this week when it came to finding! yesterday we had two 45 min sections of time to find and both times the first person we found was willing to talk, accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to meet again! it was way cool to see! we also had a sister investigator this week who had some concerns and said she didn't want to meet new people, we almost had her not show up to a peike, but then we found a sister in our ward about her age and her dad and we told her just come and if you get scared then we understand! she came and her and liu JM got along so well and talked to a little after the lesson was over! so cool to see how getting the right members can make a huge difference in a lesson!

for christmas I have no clue no real brand name stuff here and nothing that i can't really get! I dont know I am sorry! clothes are good, sorry about the pics I will try! the humidity is getting better I get along with the rain haha! language is hai hao, but coming! and I am pumped to see those pics, culture here is different but cool, thank you for the prayers and if you got music it would wait at home for two years because I cant do much with it here haha! PS I hope to get good enough to write chinese poetry because I think that would be awesome! ps be good to new members and LAs because they need it! pumped for the temple today! love you all soooo much! hope to get your tangchuangs to you and dad haha! (traditional clothes!) hope they fit haha! I will try and send them home! but anything that I would want I can't really get here so i honestly dont know! collect jeans? I can make a quilt when I get back hahahahaahhh! love you all!havent gotten the package but I might today we are going in to the mission office after the temple! sounds like a freaking great week for you both, good to hear that soccer is good but sorry about the forfiets! I hope that you can recreate! we haven't had much time but it is working out! we have been doing lots of cleaning and stuff because the apartment was nast! but we hope to hike and go to some cool monuments! today should be great! you have no clue how anxious I am to snowmobile by the way! I see all of these scooters and freaking nice motorcycles and I smell the exhaust and hear the engine and i just want to see snow!!!!!! Oh man it is nuts, so I will go like every freaking day winter of 2016! it is funny to have people ask if we are cold haah! love you all keep up the good work! love you


ps weird things to eat, Pork Knuckle and coagulated pig blood! both were actually quite good!

sorry we are going to the temple this week so our pday is wednesday so if this ever happens again know that is why! but I am sorry I kind of explained myself in the other emails but I am in Banqiao New Taipei city second most populated city in the world,

love you! this is the Lords work! I will respond to the others emails too!
 love you all you are all awesome! and tell sister snyder! Taiwan shi feichang hao de he wo zai banqiao, ruguo ni renshi zai zheli de ren women hui xunzhao tamen he gen tamen yiqi shuo hua! love you all!

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