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Hello bub,
Great to get that letter and pictures from your mission President. The letter was very complimentary of you and how enthusiastic you are, you look great in the pictures, happy, excited, interested and loving what you are doing. How are things going? Just letting you know James got the all clear to head back out and he is headed to Chile. He will leave this upcoming Friday. Halloween was good, grand babies looked cute, dad has pictures at the end of this letter. Not to many trick or treaters to our neighborhood this year. Weather was in the seventies, crazy right? The weather has been really warm but is supposed to change tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's and rain in the valley's snow in the mountains. They don't celebrate Halloween there right? we looked up the holidays and that one wasn't on the holidays they celebrated. How's the biking going. Thanks for cleaning the apartment, you know me and germs. The YSA party was fun, dad and I put numbers on us and we were "people you could count on." We also had on Utah shirts so we were someone U could count on. Just getting ready to watch the Utah game, we will let you know the outcome next pday. How was the temple? wonderful and beautiful I'm sure. Glad to hear you guys are making progress and people are showing interest. I'm assuming you got the package if you went to the mission home. We will be sending your birthday package here shortly. We got the letters from the people who responded to the Christmas thing, I think there are like 27. They all look happy and like they are doing great. The YW program was awesome and I cried like always. We have done yard work (both) and garage cleaning (dad) this week preparing for the bad weather. We love you son very much and are very proud of you and your choice to sever. Be safe and stay healthy. Take care of yourself! Quote from this week, "people are like stained glass windows they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from with in." Excited for your email. Good luck with the baptism.
 love you much, momFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

Well soccer is over for the U18 boys :) we struggled getting enough players to most of the games, fortunately we went undefeated on the B-team, I think our overall record for both teams combined was 11-3-0 and 3 forfeits. We could have done much better if we had dedicated players but guys get busy their Sr year... Jay cooked Dutch Oven for us Wednesday night to celebrate our season.. Good stuff :-) I went to the cabin to work with mom and dad Thursday, it was nice being up there for the day.. Friday was fun with Halloween, Riley dressed up as grandpa Roden, freaking funny as heck.. See pic... We've attached a few other pics for you to see... Mom and I went to the YSA ward party later that night, good times, keeps us young and involved.
Worked all day in the garages cleaning and winterizing Saturday, got the boat put up, four wheeler and tomcars ready for winter, next week we may move sleds around... Hopefully winter will come one of these days soon.. We went to dinner with Ranee and Steve Saturday night, they say hello.. We watched Real tie LA Galaxy in the first leg of playoffs, now we are watching the Utah football game, this email will be sent before we know the outcome... (Win or lose.. They are having a pretty good season)
Miss ya Son, I'm proud of you and your willingness and desire to serve. It's looks like you are doing great! Having a baptism is freaking awesome!! Things are going very well here at home
Thank you for setting an awesome example
Can't wait for your letter this week
Take care

Craig n Sue Jensen
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It has been a great week here in Banqiao, and the temple was incredible! we found two men who were prepared to hear the gospel and we also had a baptism!!! it was great to see wang JM so happy! she also had a childhood friend come and help her with everything it was cool to see! we hope that her friend becomes interested! she had worked all night long on a graveyard shift but she was ready and on time to her baptism it was exciting to see it meant a lot to her! Me and Elder Kesler are working hard and it makes it fun! the more we seem to talk to people the happier we seem to be! there is great joy in doing the work of the Lord that is for sure! we have also had a sister who is investigating and she has been very reserved, but yesterday she said she wanted to go to the fireside so we hurried and got there and sat with her, and the fireside was perfect and she enjoyed it and it was what she needed to hear!!!! of course president sent you stuff haha! I love them they are awesome and they help us out so much! YES!!!!!!!! james is going back out! so happy for that! we will get back at around the same time now!!!!! so cool! good to hear all was well with halloween and those costumes are awesome! they like know halloween exists and have decorations but not really celebrated, they have a thing in september it is like a week where are the daoist evil spirits are out and they burn fake money and bai bai (worship like bowing with incense) a ton! but they have a lot of festivals and they kinda celebrate Christmas! it is actually cooler today I love it good to hear that the snow is coming dad is probably getting pretty anxious to hit the sleds! hope the race goes well this year haha!bike is good thank you so much for the package I needed that haha! and sounds like the YSA thing was a blast! you guys are too nice to me! I decided not to send home a christmas package because it would be butt expensive but I promise I will bring home a ton of gifts:) I am so pumped for you all to see:)the temple was freaking awesome but it is super small and luckily it was in English I did it myself this time! :) but glad to hear everyone is doing well! hope it keeps going ps how is botch!way to clean and glad to hear the program went well! love you all very much! I am surprisingly healthy and me and Elder Kesler get along real well! but also that is an awesome quote! the week before I went into the MTC they cleaned the temple on pdays because it was closed and Sister Wood cleaned the crystals for the Chandaliers and bore a testimony about how much more things shine when they are clean it was cool! love you! be good to the fam, how are katie and dave and kar and jake tell kar I am working on writing her back it is just hard! love you all!

sounds like an overall solid season though! sorry we didn't have the dedication! last year seemed like we had some dedication problems but we still had a solid core! but max talked about the dutch oven and said it was freaking incredible! haha that is freaking awesome I love ry how is he doing by the way! oh and glad to hear the party was the bomb! good to stay young haha! that is one funny thing about the people here, you cannot tell age at all! good to hear that you are preparing for winter I expected nothing less! haha it will come haha! good to hear that you went out with hardies no surprising news this time hahahahaha! hope this letter lives up to your expectations! haha good luck utah I love it out hear! and I am pumped to go to the U when I return haha! and also to just share all of my stories! love you all! you are the best keep being the great people you are and having such a fun loving spirit also, fun family trip idea, go to Taipei then go to cebu then home! haha that would be freaking sweet, and there are a ton of filipinos here and indonesians that take care of old people it is cool! they are super nice. love you all you are the best! 



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