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Hi Bub,
Sure was nice to hear you had a great week and you have a wonderful trainer and an outstanding comp. Visited with his mom on missionary moms. We are going to share pictures and such. She sounds like a very nice lady. We sent the package off Tuesday instead of Monday because of Columbus Day, so you should maybe get it in about a week. Well the mission home should get it. Hope you are using the pro active, if not please do. How's the biking going? We have been paying attention to the weather and it hasn't been quite so rainy, that's good right? We put up lights to day, or should I say dad put up lights. He used the rope and harness for just about everything. He has a picture I took, he will send it. It got a little sketchy at times but no one fell off. Painting pumpkins tomorrow, we will miss ya but we are glad you are doing what you are doing. My activity day girls have their daddy daughter luau this week, should be fun. Dad and I have a YSA ward Halloween party we have to dress up for, any suggestions? Are you able to keep pretty busy and make contacts on the street. That is where you make your contacts right? Are you going to come home a skinny mini because you aren't eating much, or do you eat? What is your favorite part about Taiwan so far? Kids say hi, mar is really walking now and June has picked it up and is getting the hang of it too. Jensen is our little parrot and little boy, no more baby phase for him. We love you bubba more then you can imagine and we are so proud of your attitude and hard work. Please let us know what you need or if we can help in anyway. Also let us know if we need to keep anyone in our prayers. Take excellent care of yourself. I love you son!!!! One of the weekly thoughts "I believe that respect is a lot more important and a lot greater, than popularity."
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stay safe

Hi Caden
Hope you have had a good week, sounds like you have a pretty cool companion.  Mom has emailed his family :) hopefully you are settling in.. And the Chinese is going well..
Our weeks have slowed down a bit, Mom and I have even had time to run the canyon, good exercise, pretty Fall leaves etc.. I ran soccer practice Tuesday, we had a game Saturday against BE United, they had run the whole season undefeated, but not anymore.., we played a good game, beat them 2-1.
The U of U won their game against Oregon this week, should put us in the top 10 if we are lucky. The Y isn't doing so well, I'm sure the Wilcox family keeps you informed.. By the way... They sure love you! Hope that doesn't put to much pressure on you...
We put the Christmas lights up on the house this week, did the dormers a little differently, used the rope and gri-gri  to do them all, was quite a bit faster, but might have been a little rough on the roof..  crawling around etc... See pic attached..
This past week was UEA/Fall break, we really didn't do much.. Kinda broke the tradition of Moab or something :(.. I think I'm going to try and get out fishing this week to make up for it.. One last boat ride...
The YSA ward has been going pretty well, I conducted fast meeting last week, had the opportunity to bare my testimony about being Christ like.
Mom and I read Ether in the Book of Mormon this week, the Jaredite's sure were cool, and the brother of Jared.., Awesome work ethic and great faith, right? Your ingenuity and faith remind me of mahonriecoriantomer (can't spell). Keep up the great work!
Let us know if you need anything. Can't wait for your email this week.
Luv ya

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Great week guys, really! this is it, time seems to fly here in Taiwan! the work is going really well! we had been having a hard time finding people that were willing to accept the gospel, but this week we wanted to focus on that a lot so we really just wanted to talk with everyone! and it worked! we were able to get far more return appointments with this week than in past weeks! we also learned this week that the Lord works in mysterious ways! we were looking for Less Active Members up in the north part of our area and were just getting nowhere! then we finally went to the last ones house and she just got home and said "that was perfect timing my little guy just woke up and we were going to take out the garbage, you wouldn't have got me any other time!" it was awesome! then that night as we were on our way home from service that also got moved around through the day we stopped and set a date with a girl on the street and got another set up it was cool to see how the Lord does things that we may not like or expect to help us find those that are truly ready! also we had a less active lady whose daughter set up for baptism in the first lesson and her mom was super supportive and is reactivating it is awesome! but also some other things too! biking is great and street contacting is fun! I can actually like share lessons with my companion now it makes it fun! all is well and i eat! they have bakeries everywhere love that! and favorite part... oh I dont know! um hmmmm seeing people change their lives! but of the country, it is probably the traditional clothes they look so cool! good to hear that dad didn't die (putting up lights) I will help when I get back! you only have to do that Once more without me! good to hear all is well and that you talked to sister Kesler! love you all! 

 papa! way to be with soccer BE aint got nothing on you! you two are running i could tell mom looked like she lost weight! dont have her  get to skinny! ether is a cool book huh and he is a smart guy but I bet the Lord laughed a little when he was like " just touch these rocks" haha! go fishing that sounds fun haha and oh no pressure!  so personal experience for you two! this week i have been reading the questions of the soul in PMG chapter five! and I had a major spiritual experience, I was sitting there pondering and I realized that everything that the Lord does is strictly because He loves us! He organized our matter just because he wanted to help us, He created, sacrificed, planned, went through pain, thinks, blesses, eveything only because He strictly loves us! It was the coolest thing! but i love you all so much and I am sorry for the times I have been a crappy son but know that i love you all more than anything! 

 Elder jensen

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 You have never been a crappy son. So glad your week went well and you were able to make contacts. We had a great sabbath today, lots of family time, Syd just left from visiting us tonight. She made a beautiful quilt over Fall break, maybe she told you about it.. It is exciting to hear of your success and how you both work well together and are determined. Keep up the great work. We love your stories and spiritual experiences. Love you son very much and wish you both the best. Have a great week!

Craig n Sue Jensen
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