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Hi Caden
So how was your first full week in Taiwan? Tell us about where you ended up and who your companion is etc.. Mom has a few questions for you as well..
We had an OK week, nothing real exciting, soccer kept me pretty busy, with practice Tuesday, game in Logan Thursday, 8 hours for a weekday game.. Crazy.. We didn't have any subs and lost 3-4 :-( Saturdays game was worse, one sub, and the worst ref we have ever had... Even the other teams felt bad for the way the game was called. The ref was the old Spanish fork high school coach, he didn't like us much.. Kicked me out of the game in the 50th minute.. We lost 2-3...
I conduct in fast meeting this week, I'm a little nervous.. This sitting on the stand stuff is out of my league... But the spiritual experiences in being part of this YSA ward are enjoyed and appreciated..
I talked with Bridger Twos parents today, they said Bridger was doing great until he got a jack wagon for a companion.. He is struggling a bit now, but he will be OK. I guess the lesson learned is, the ride can get a little bumpy.. I remember my first comp in the field was not my favorite.. But that's part of the journey I guess.. Hopefully your ride is going well :-)
We hear the people of Taiwan are very nice to each other and visitors, I hope this holds true for you.
We look forward to hearing from you
Have a great week
Love ya

Hello Sir/Elder Jensen,
Hope you have had an incredible first week in Taiwan. Were you able to get your bike and rain gear ok? We are excited to hear about your week and your comp also your accommodations. How are the clothes fitting. So do you sleep on a bed roll, do you have a pillow? We are sending off a package Monday with some goodies for you and your comp as well as some fall/ thanksgiving decorations. We would have sent Halloween decorations but it will be close to over when you get this package. Let us know if you need us to send anything in particular...
Sure have thought a lot about you this week, well I do every week, but even more so this week. How are you doing? How is the language coming now that you are there? How's the food? Just want you to know how much we appreciate you and all you are doing to further the work of The Lord. Take good care of yourself and be safe on your bike. I love you
 so much son, keep smilin and we will do the same.
One of the quotes for this week" I think music
 in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."
Have a great new week.
Love ya
Momma Sue

Craig n Sue Jensen
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My week.. yesterday we had two times where we decided to try one last person and they happened to be the success that we had had all night! that last one really does count! 

Watching conference was a very nice and spiritual experience! definitely a testimony builder that the prophet is called to lead the people and that all of the people that speak, speak the words of God! I liked the focus on the Family in the Sunday session I especially loved Elder Scott's talk and the incredible way that he spoke, it portrayed his message perfectly, it showed me that the manner in which we says things really can make them come across in different ways!

There are tons of scooters everywhere and lots of street contacting at stop lights on scooters and everything is so crowded, I officially live in the second most densely populated city in the world Zhonghe District New Taipei City nuts!

My trainer is a champ, Chinese is hard but coming! and there are always miracles! Elder K... is my companion! from Liberty Missouri I will be with him till his end..(send him home) he is so good! the members give us bread and stuff, they are awesome. I love the people. I would never live here, but I will come back!

sorry about soccer.. whatd you do to get kicked out! hope fast sunday was good! sorry to hear about bridger!  People here are super nice and a lots of people stare at me and elder k because of our hair and skin color.. um yeah you get it! love you all! 

momma! bike is good, getting rain gear and stuff today! house is nice weather is crazy humid but everything is tile! sleep on a mattress have a pillow.. oh gosh packages already! nothing is needed here we have a costco uh huh! i might send home a Christmas package though with stuff I dont need and with maybe some presents :) the language is hard but the increase is exponential! the food is not awful they have a ton of good bread and fruit so I will survive off of that and fried rice and potstickers and these cool pancake tortilla things! that is basically all they eat anyway, by the way they have binlan it is this seed wrapped in like tobacco or something and it has glass in it to tear your cheek to get it in your blood stream then they spit it out, ughghghghh. the traffic is freaking fun to ride through by the way i love it here in the big city! but I hope i can go rural too! I will probably be here until at least February most likely until july ish! love you! by the way smiling does make a ton of difference. I wish i could tell you all of my stories but I guess that is what the time when I get home is for right! love you! music ooooooo music love that! love you all you are the best! 

Jin Zhanglao

 ps they have the david o mckay saying no success can compensate for failure in the home! that is like a chinese proverb too and they love it and it is so true thank you for following the prophets counsel and being the best family I could ask for love you all! sorry this will be the normal time for emails! 

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Great to hear from you

Syd is at our house see pic
Love you sooo much!

On Oct 12, 2014, at 10:31 PM, Caden Jensen <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Love the rug! sup syd ;) haha and the days are awesome and sister day reminds me of mom!

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