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Hey bro
Thanks for being such a stud! I've thought of you often this week, your dedication and high spirits are amazing. I know reading and writing all the letters you receive and send on Mondays keeps you busy. We sure appreciate you taking the time to answer each letter personally.
It was SHS homecoming week here in Springville, I remember last year and how busy you were helping.. It looks like they did most of the same type things you guys did the year before..
Monday we played dodge ball for our YSA ward FHE, I did a significant amount of Dodge, Duck, and Diving. (Mom said I fell, but it really was a duck/dive :-) I'm still sore from throwing...
Later in the week we poured the cement for the east side patios on 1st north. Turned out pretty nice, Chris dug all the grass out, grandpa worked really hard too, I was the cement truck guy...
We were supposed to gave two soccer games Saturday but the Logan one was cancelled because of weather.. We won our home game against Glory 7-0.. we only played 55 minutes before it was called due to lighting and rain... Cold game, but a memory maker.
Church was good today, I'm getting used to this bishopric stuff, sure makes for a long day, but feels very rewarding spirituality if you know what I mean... I'm excited for conference next week, we will continue the tradition of going to the cabin :-)
Syd came by to visit tonight, we played apples to apples with the family, jensen is giving you a run, he sure likes her.. See pic...
I'm sure Idaho is treating you well; I look forward to hearing how your week went.
Luv ya!!

Hey bud,
How's my Idaho man doin? Hope it's been a good week for you! Hope you didn't get rained on to much, if you need to, please get a jacket or coat and keep warm. We had a good week but it rained like a bugger Saturday. I'm sure dad told you about his games one being canceled and the other getting soaked to the bone. Had a birthday party for the girls last week, they got spoiled so they don't need Christmas. Just kidding always Christmas you know me. We were thinking about putting up the lights in the next few weeks. Went to Weston's and Michelle's reception last night, it was good, they look very happy, saw Steph they all say hi.
How's everything? Love to hear your stories, just be safe. How's the face and how are you? We will try to email all the boys this week sometime and see how they are all doing. Did you get to help harvest anything yet? How's the comp, and how are the living accommodations? Are the suits still fitting ok and holding up as well as the shoes?
Works going good for dad, Dave and the girls, schools good for Jake, and the babies are growing and learning like crazy. Church is great, dad conducted today and did a great job. It's fun to watch him the Young single adults love him cause he is genuine. I'm just a mom as always, and I love what I do. I'm Trying to run/ walk and get in better shape to keep up with the grand kids. Lisa homers brother lives in Idaho falls. She was going to let Jason know you were there. Hope you are doing great, we love you very much. Miss you but are thankful you are serving The Lord and spreading the gospel. Look forward to Monday and hearing from you. It starts my week off great!  Love you, take care, be safe. Smile like always it makes others happy! One of the quotes this week" if it's not right, don't do it; if it's not true, don't say it." Marcus Aurelius


Craig n Sue Jensen
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we talked to a vice principal this week talking about homecoming and it brought back tons of memories! it was awesome! thanks for the pics! who did they go with to homecoming! I hope they had fun! way to be in dodge ball, i believe it was a dive, dont worry i see you homes!  nice to have that cement done! do the same people still live there? and soccer sounds like it has been fun! that is a beating! way to be! good to know syd is still freaking awesome! idaho is so dope! but happy to hear church is well too! glad you get to go to the cabin this week! I am pumped for conference!

here is my news  we had our first baptism this week! so sweet! the Spirit was strong and Macie (9) was very nervous but she was so happy! her brother baptized her and he is a champ! man he was awesome! then we have barb who is in her 30's and asked us for a blessing and she knows the power of the priesthood is real and works then she came to church and even texted the sunday school teacher thank you because she liked it so much! gosh it was incredible! and she has only been taught the first lesson! me and my companion had this realization about the importance of family! family gets you through a ton of hard things and helps you know how to deal with things, it also helps you relate with people and man they should just bring you joy! I love this so much it is nuts! also the importance of being a friend! it is super important to help people feel your love and help them know that the Church is not just another religion but it is a better lifestyle where we are surrounded by people who love us! it is awesome! we also got to help an older lady move in! and then we pushed a car out of the road too that was fun! little things bring great things to pass you know it! love you man! oh and I met a dude from afton that knew all of you he was cool but I can't remember his name he looked super familiar though! it has been pouring here to my seattle companion loves it! I just pray it snows soon! and we just got bikes so this could be fun! if we run out of miles! anyway mama! as you can see it has been a great week! everything is great here and a sister in the Coltman Ward just gave me and my companion four pairs of pants that didn't fit her son and they are brand new! one fit me perfect and the other three fit larsen (le, i gave him a chinese name) and she just gave them to us! (dont worry i washed them) but anyway i also have sweaters so i am doing great! the lights! good luck! me and le listen to xmas music sometimes just for fun! :) but a lot of Enya! hahaha! I knew it! I knew they would get married! I am so proud of them gosh I love them they are dope! makes me miss skating oh well! i pray they still go when i get back! face is doing great! homies seem to be doing good as well! my tongban is awesome he comes from a split family but is the oldest of 12 it is fun he is an awesome guy! but there is this Investigator who lives with a bunch of members (his family) pretty sure his name is lear burton they are like the same person! how is he by the way! sister Kennel is the lady we live with she is awesome! she is a widow and her grandaughter comes and visits her and she is cool too! and her house is sweet and nice! good to hear all is well at home and the new calling is going well! you will be blessed for it! oh oh try and read our search for happiness it is a dope book! momma rocking the work out! prepare yourself we can run the canyon when i get home deal;)all the clothes are freaking working great! and the shoes. good to hear that the kids are well too! great quote! oh and btw the temples where you move rooms are sweet! IF was soooooooooo cool! man I love it! and smiling is what it is all about! the chengyuan up here are so helpful! and friendshipping is the best! so sweet! wo ai nimen! wo you zui hao de jiating! love you all i have the best family! 


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We got the best son ever, couldn't ask for a better of a person. Thanks for your example. Thanks for washing the pants and make sure you thanked her for them. Glad you love it there and your living arrangements are good. Jensen said hi he is sitting by me while I read this. Keep warm you have plenty of money to buy a coat. Careful on the bike. You keep in shape and I will get into shape and we will run the canyon together, maybe even get your dad to join us! Love you much be safe .
Craig n Sue Jensen
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thatll be dope! love you all you da best! sup jens! 

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Stay strong and continue the lords work!!! Love you son
Craig n Sue Jensen
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