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 How goes it in Idaho this week? I'm glad you have this time to spend in that pretty great state. I'm sure you feel like it is the right time, right place, right?
We had a relaxing week this past week.. Work has been so crazy that getting away was nice (even though the emails, texts, and calls kept coming)
We went to St George for 1/2 the week, Little Mermaid Wednesday night, shopping, laying by the pool and a movie Thursday, more shopping and pool time Friday :-) good times, just Mom and me, (missed throwing stuff at you in the pool)
Saturday was a pretty long soccer day.. Two games, we won the first one, lost the second to Utah FC.. intense games, quite a few fouls, couple of red cards..
The twins bday party was in our backyard Saturday night, karlie did it up nice, cool decorations, food etc.. Almost all of jakes siblings were there.. The girls made a haul, better than Xmas
Today was chill with church, the Ogden temple dedication was good to go to, our regular meetings were cancelled, so no extra meetings. Good eats at third Sunday at Jensen's.. Sounds like James is going out again soon, no word on exactly where or when..
Mom sent out a profound quote this week.. "Sometimes when I shut my eyes, I can't see." deep right? It might become a new favorite of mine.
We've not done much towards selling your bronco or bike, I may work on it this week.
Miss ya bro, let me know if I can help with anything. I think and pray for you and those you meet often. Luv ya!!!
Have a great week

Howdy bud,
How has your first week being out in the field? Good I hope! Good week for us. I sent that package, it just had proactive and pictures in it, not sure if you have picked it up or received it yet but I'm sure you will. Are you enjoying Idaho and is the  weather still pretty warm? Do you have a car? We thought you might because everything is so spread out. Are you adjusting well? Are week was good, dad and I had a great time at little mermaid and enjoyed St. George. Just relaxed and saw movies and sat by the pool. We missed having you there to throw things to ya in the water. Today they dedicated the Ogden temple, the girls and jake and Dave came with us to the young adult ward. Third Sunday dinner was great and so was Roden's, everyone asked how you were doing. Nothing major going on here just another busy week. We sure love you very much and are very proud of you. Hope you get to help harvest. Have a fabulous week and know your in our thoughts and prayers. We will pray for your companions as well. Hope all is well there. Keep working hard and we will do the same. Love you much!!!!!! Momma Sue

Here is one of the quotes for this week. " Sometimes when I close my eyes I can't see." The girls really liked that one. Love you son. Look forward to your email tomorrow!

Craig n Sue Jensen
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Happy Birthday June and Marlie!!!!! Wo ai nimen!!!  nimen de shengri kuaile!!!!! it is a great state and definitely where I am supposed to be! but I got transferred out of pingree and I am now in IF because an elder had to get knee surgery! but I freaking Love larsen he is from seattle and he is freaking awesome! and the work and members are awesome up here! sorry work has been crazy but glad that St geezy was dope, missing jumping and grabbing stuff! good to hear that you got one victory! good to hear the party went well! I heard the dedication was sweet! one more place for the Lord to reside right?! but good to hear about james too I am pumped for him! I heard you made peach cobler miss that! but I may get some up here with my potatoes and meat! it is nice that I have a little hick and a little city boy because I can relate to just about everyone! also lisa priests grandpa goes on splits with us a ton he said "oh David doesn't talk about her much." sadly I laughed a little, but it is sad! that quote is dope! lots to interpret i love it! you all know i love to think:) love you man good luck selling those guys! jiayou!

first week was sweet! lots of teaching even if some of it I had to translate haha! but we are looking for someone that speaks mandarin and actually ge zhanglao was just in here and I got to talk to him so that was nice! we found a hmong family, so close but no cigar! thank you for the package that was sweet I will start using it soon! I love it up here! like i said i am in IF but yes the weather has been warm but is finally cooling down, I hope i see snow before I leave! me and larsen rock sweaters and enya every dang day! but yes we do have a car, but we have limited miles, we are kinda shafted in our area so yesterday we walked ten miles and the day before we walked five, there is a miracle there that I will throw in at the end! adjusting is easy because idk it is, there isn't much to adjust to, if you live right before hand it isn't that hard and the busier you are you dont even notice time is going by! good to hear that it was such a good week! hopefully my emails arent boring duibuqi if they are! we may get to do other service up here but I love it! I am trying to get pictures on I hope this works.. here is the story! 
so we were walking down a rural high way, we just decided to walk instead of drive that day and as we were walking a man pulls over and says, can you give me a blessing right now, we were shocked! we went to the church with him, I was a little scared but then he told us his story! he was a member when he was younger and he knows the church is true but he has not been living it and he has gone through a ton of crap! he wanted us to give him a blessing and I had this overwhelming Spirit that from this he was going to be able to get to the temple soon! it was nuts, he was going over to console his friend and man it was so legit! anyway love you all see you soon! keep being the great people you are! and remember the desire to go to church and to feel of God's love is a homesickness for Heaven! we all know where we are from we just want to return! we taught an excomm yesterday who recently got baptized again and I felt like I should ask her to bear her testimony and she did and we were all basically crying it was awesome! I love this! keep being the great people you are and thank you for my awesome life, I was writing fun memories the other day, you all are the best love you

Jin Zhanglao


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 12:11 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

Great stories and wonderful experiences. You will always have these memories. We love you bud and are proud of you. Keep up the great and glorious work. Be safe and smart and healthy! and hugs from long distance. You're the best. Glad you can use your Chinese sometimes and that you have a good comp. talk soon.

Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Sep 22, 2014, at 12:18 PM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

love you all! he can pray in chinese! yay! I am teaching him! love you all! thank you again!
See a few pics from the past couple weeks...


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