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On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 10:41 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Sure was great talking with you Saturday morning! You seem very happy and strong :-). We are so blessed to have such great children. I'm soo excited for you to have the chance to serve in the states for a short while, the mission you have been called to is beautiful this time of year, and as you probably know, includes one of my favorites spots in the universe... "Star Valley"
I hope you enjoy your stay!
As usual we think our past week was way busy.. Monday was Family night with the YSA ward, Tuesday - Ward council visits, Wednesday - Bishopric Training, Friday - Ward Social activity, and Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday, we were busy with YSA Ward stuff every night but Thursday.. It's good to be anxiously engaged.. Right?
This week looks a little less busy, Mom and I are thinking about going to Tuachan Wednesday night to see little mermaid.. and then crash in St George for a day of two.. I hope it works out.. I could use some time away...
We are anxious to hear where you are headed and what the next few weeks will look like for you. We know that you will make the most if it.
Have a great week
Luv you

Well hello bubba,
So glad that you are in Pocatello and getting situated. Can't even tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voice,best phone call ever!!!!!!! You sound great, excited, and motivated. This will be a good thing and you will have many opportunities there and in Taiwan. Remember to talk in Chinese as much as you can. Hope your flight was great and you can get in the swing of things. We are sending a package Monday, hope you get it by the middle of the week or sooner. Your mission president told us to send your stuff to the mission home. The picture with them looked great. Thanks for the phone call, hope the others you were with got to visit with their families. Be safe, be happy and enjoy Idaho. We love you son. Quote for Sunday " Each person must live their lives as a model for others."Rosa Parks.. have an awesome week!! Hugs and kisses momma Sue.

Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Sep 15, 2014, at 11:13 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
sup pops! Welcome to Pingree and Thomas Idaho, in the boonies outside of Blackfoot! it is dope! dang busy week! for all of us! i have two comps, Elder Beck and Egbert and I am teaching them chinese! we already gave a lesson, and I gave the first vision and then committed a different guy to baptism and then taught a family man it is awesome! i love how chill it is out here! it is almost harvest so everyone is getting ready for that and I think we get to help! tuachan sounds dope I hope it works out! Love you bro! hope all is well!
momma! pockie is dope! and the Brinkerhoffs are awesome! the chinese will stay!  The flight was super short, 38 mins.. everything is aweosme! good to talk to all of you! great to hear your voices, so funny stories already begin! had a older (70s) investigator answer the door and like peek through, and say ooo I should probably put on some clothes crazy stuff but it is all so funny and fun! the Spirit is dope ya know that! and the Lord loves people and prepares them! there is a man who is going through some crap with his sister and feels like he needs the Lord and is reading and so ready I love it! love you all! 
Elder Jensen
On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 11:21 AM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Great hearing from you bud
I'm hanging at work, Mom is watching all three kids right now :-)
We are mowing lawns this afternoon /-)
Pretty sure we are going to St George later this week, I can't wait!!
Hope you have a great week
We will pray for you and those you meet and teach.
Take care

Craig Jensen
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 On Sep 15, 2014, at 11:23 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
love you all! you are all the best! jiayou!
Elder Jensen

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