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Hi Caden
Good times for you at the MTC this week, right?, I guess we should call you short timer, bet you can't wait :-) we are sooo excited for you to get to Taiwan, congrats on completing the 9 weeks of training.
We've had a great week, we are getting acclimated into the new YSA bishopric.. It will keep us young and busy.
Thanks for the Alma 32 suggestion, I used it in my talk today, it's all about exercising faith, planting seeds, and helping them grow for yourself and others.. Right? I also went with a couple quotes... You can probably guess which ones.. I enjoy the journey.. and luck is where preparation meets opportunity...
We are up to the cabin today for Labor Day, I sure love being up here, moms a trooper spending the night :-)
Luv ya

Hey bubba
I'm excited for your journey to Taiwan. I'm amazed with how quick the time has gone. Proud of  your progress, and your strength. Hope your last week in the MTC is awesome! We are thinking about sending you a disposable phone.. Everyone says it's a good idea. Let us know if you need anything else.. Remember that the Dramamine will also help you sleep.. Remember to pick up rain gear, coat, helmet, etc when you get there.. Let us know if you thinks we need to put more money in your debit account...
Be safe and use your head! I love you and am so glad you are my son!!!!
FYI we are sending emails to Owen, Justin and Jacob tonight
Love Momma Sue

Craig n Sue Jensen
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na (so) happy that you are at the cabin! and that the YSA ward is awesome it has been a great week and the mandarin is really coming and the new elders and sister are awesome and me and Ni got released today!  I am glad that you used that (Alma 32) and of course the classic quotes… by the way I used one of those the other day! we did this health training that was nuts and we had infield and that was cool our new teachers also talked to us a lot about the importance of members and how we dont just want to baptize or even convert people but we want to help people obtain their eternal salvation! make Friends not just members! I wont be sleeping because we are flying during the day and landing at 945 Taiwan time! and I will grab everything!  I am glad that you are emailing the bros I love them and I pray they are doing well be encouraging to botch and max! sorry that sounded bossy! it wasn't I promise I have just heard they are having a harder time but Buhler seems to be doing great I ate with him the other day! disposable phone sounds great! love you all


Elder Jensen


PS always be ready for a phone call because you never know who might be calling you, answer the phone because they may need your help! also the bad news, our visas didn't come so we do not leave on friday I wasn't going to tell you but I have to so that you know! They may still come so try and get the phone here but we will most likely be leaving next week and we dont know when but just make sure that from friday on to when I call you have your phones I will call the house phone first then Dads then moms. love you all!


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Good hearing from you bro,

we are sitting around the table at the cabin right now, sorry about the visa issue.. do you want me to send you a master card or American Express.. (Just kidding bad humor right...)

We heard from botch this morning. He said it was miserable at the MTC, he can't wait to get out.. I think he will be ok..

We will get you a disposable phone this week! 

Let us know if anything else comes up.

Love ya tons!!!!

Craig Jensen


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They said that we might still get out by friday so that is good but I need you to send me just like that backpack or something because I need to have two days worth of clothes when I get to Taiwan so that high scierra backpack or anything would be awesome just to pack some clothes and then the phone! love you you're the best write again next week love ya!


Elder Jensen

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