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Hey Bro
Wow this week flew by.. We thought it would be a less hectic... but it sure got crazy..
School starting was pretty cool. I think mom told you in her dear Elder letter we went to the temple Tuesday.. My favorite persons in the painting are the guys on the right-hand side that are smiling and look like they are thinking.. "yeah.. of course that's Christ, we knew he would come" they seem like guys I'd like to hang with if you know what I mean...
I like the mirrors in the celestial room it's cool to see Christ's reflection... That was the first time I'd seen that other version of the movie... Pretty dramatic I thought...

I think mom told you I was called to a bishopric with Rick Bertelson. Brother Patterson (seminary teacher) is in the stake presidency and came over to our house Thursday evening with the call..  You might know president Heaton, he is the stake president of the YSA stake we will serve in... He also works at the MTC... I've been pretty emotional ever since the call... I find myself tearing up over little things.. Like even writing this note gets me a little worked up because I'm soooo proud to have you as a friend and son. I get to talk in our new ward sacrament meeting next week.. Do you have any subject ideas? Rick said to choose whatever...

On a soccer note... the boys won their first season game :-) but Tanner Gervains damaged his shoulder, Connor Burns may have torn his knee... and keeper Alex Holman sprained his thumb real bad.. Hopefully they will recover quickly..

Soooo sad to hear about the passing of the three missionaries this week.. You might have known Elder Thredgold from Springville. His family sure has been solid on the interviews they have given.. We know The Lord watches over you great missionary servants.. We don't always understand why bad things happen, but know staying close to the gospel will keep us where we need to be.. When we need to be there...
We are sooo proud of you Caden! Let us know if we can help with anything.. We look forward to hearing from you soon

Hey momma Sue's turn, I thought I would let dad go first this time. Sounds like between my dear elder letter and dad's email you should be caught up on us. Hope you have had a great week. like dad said we sure love you and are so happy, proud and appreciative to call you son. We are sad about the missionaries and sadden for their families. We pray for them and all serving. Don't be afraid to ask questions and talk about things to us and your mission president. Don't keep things bottled up. We know The Lord will watch over you and that your mission President Day and his wife will take excellent care of you Elder's and Sister's.
What do you want to do for communication at the airport... Phone card or disposable phone? How are your supplies, in need of anything before you go? Do you need to send anything home that you don't need or want to take to Taiwan?
We surely love and appreciate you Caden. Have a great week, enjoy your last 12 days in the MTC. Face throwing a kiss

Craig n Sue Jensen
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this week was super fast! but I love bro patterson he was my ninth grade teacher, he always goes to bethlehem! but Dad's in a bishopric! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you  have got to be kidding me!  good luck homie may the Lord bless you, and maybe you two needed this to develop love for rick;) haha but I don't know what you should speak on, the Parable of planting a seed and letting the tree grow in 2 nephi 32 has shown up a bunch in my personal study! good luck being emotional! I am kinda more emotional but i have decided that the spirit is a calming and an exciting spirit to me! I am pumped for taiwan and I dont need anything or to send anything back! but I dont care i can get a card here if you want! i will just do that! we fly to tokyo then to taibei! I heard about thredgold i didnt know him but i will watch out for carbon monoxide and pray for his family and the natives family! rough soccer time eh but at least you won dui bu dui? tell the team i love em! how is max doing papa? I do let you guys know stuff but you know me, nothing really gets to me so i just go for it! the only thing getting to me is, our "less active" doesn't feel welcome at church and doesn't understand why she needs it and it is so hard for me to see her not accept the gospel that she knows is true!
The Lord does watch over us for sure! The movie is dramatic for sure! Im intersted to hear it in mandarin! I will most likely mainly be emailing from now on I guess because Mail will be long but I will still respond to letters as letters and email as email! but to the temple ok
the mirrors are sweet! but I like the little girl for sure! and the boy looks astonished, but my three favorites are first off the guy on Christ's left farthest out leaning on his stick, I think he is thinking "You can be close to Him, because I have been close to Him before, I know him for I have relied on Him." Then I love the guy on Christ's right who has his hand over his heart as if the Spirit just shot him! he feels it and he is pumped and listening sincerely! but my favorite is the guy on Christ's right side in the back, he is a bigger guy wearing a brown and green shirt, but if you notice his shoulder and his neck fade into the sky! He is beaming and almost looks like he is laughing with joy, I think of him as an angel who is briefly appearing! Gazing at the Savior in His mortality and enjoying the same things we are looking at everyone elses faces cause we know Christ, and they will start to know Christ and we will live with him forever! sorry that was a rant but I have grown a love for paintings and I love looking for symbolism! love you all hope all is well I am glad that me and dad had the same ideas of people we love! I really am your son! Love you all, Priesthood blessings have real power! people have been sick but i am staying pretty healthy thank heavens! I love this work! love  you all Is the Bronco gone? wo buzhidao, wo xiwang wo keyi gaishan wo de zhongwen and nimen neng fanyi zhege! wo ai ni! Nimen wo de zui xihuan! we got newbies and they are dope! love you!
good luck papa tell rick hey and yes I know heaton but not real well

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