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Hi Caden
So you're still in the MTC.. probably not for many more days... question is, where will you be going? I'm sure it will be a good experience no matter where or what you end up doing.
The highlights for this week...
Labor day was good fun up at the cabin, we went for a good tomcar ride, the same one we went with you and Sydney this past summer. Wednesday I went with the Hobble Creek 5th Ward YM/YW boating to deer Creek.

The boat ran great I had 10 people on the boat tubing all night long... good times :-)  
Friday I took a load of windows to St. George in a huge truck, see pic..

kind of an adventure for me... I ended up spending the night in the back of the truck.. Good memory maker I guess.. Saturday when I got home we mowed lawns, including g-pa's and 597.. I sure like that big mower it makes mowing bearable... We had a soccer game that evening, we won 2-1, we have won all three of our season games.. Hopefully we can keep the streak going. Mom and I went on a date to chilis (love the dry ribs) Saturday night and watched soccer and football games.. Sunday was awesome at the new YSA ward, testimony meeting was incredible.. It's a totally different experience serving with the YSA's. The gospel sure is a great way of life isn't it?
I'm so happy you chose to serve a mission, I know your journey will be awesome! Thanks for your example and strength. As a team, our family can do awesome things, you are our wingman right now. Keep running offense and defense, you are doing great!!
Love ya

Hey bubba,
 Sure have been thinking a lot about you and what fun and exciting new adventure you get to experience until your visa arrives. Don't stress, The Lord is in charge and things will work out for the best! Great week, but so busy it flew by. That's ok.. rather be busy than bored. Church was great today, amazing testimonies. Enjoy meeting with the YSA ward but at the same time I really miss our ward too. Better to have the best of both worlds then neither. We are blessed and thankful for you, your sisters and the in-laws, and hello my babies, they are the sweetest. They are growing like crazy, all three of them.
FYI Jordan and Megan had their 3rd baby boy last week.. Taylor and Britt had their boy week before that.. Carter was baptized this weekend, and Luke (Cam and Brooke's kid) was blessed today.
Did you see this pic?

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what truck did you sleep in? but man that sounded like one heck of a week that mower is sweet and the pics are awesome! I am pumped that the week was good though especially boating! and the boat sounds like it is doing well! good old chilis! and yeah i am going to america so dont turn off the phone until i leave to taiwan! but this is awesome! i honestly dont care that my visa is delayed there is just some things that i have to do! happy to hear soccer is going well wish them all luck and tell them that i love them and to stay pumped! good to hear that church was awesome, our mission conference was awesome and so was our chinese testimony meeting! love you all.. thought of the day!

the creation can bring such a spirit of wonder it is incredible! and also all prayers and instruction go through Christ in order to get to the Lord think about that next time you go to the temple! also the pioneers are incredible that is why Trek is incredible! also i am so grateful for the work everyone has done with family history it is crazy thank you for everything love you all, work together love together glory together!
Elder jensen

 On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 1:08 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

 When do you think you will hear where you are going? Are you doing ok? Have they told you much or why the visas aren't here?

Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Sep 8, 2014, at 1:10 PM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

somewhere in the states.. i had a dream about Anaheim.. but i am fine no matter where.. i am loving this! they changed the visa form so we have to re fill it out so we have about six weeks! got to go love you all jiayou

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