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On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 11:55 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

Hey bubba/Elder Jensen
How are things going? Are your clothes still fitting? Have you used your camera and do you want or need more memory cards. Even if you can't send a lot of pictures take them so you can always have those memories forever. Busy week last week and another one coming up. We go to Afton Friday for the reunion. It will be strange not having you or Eric there. Katie leaves Friday for Coasta Rica with Rachel, Karen, and Dave's aunt. She is excited but also sad to leave Dave and Jensen. She is gone a week. Jensen is growing like crazy and talking up a storm. The ladies are growing like crazy too and still working on the walking thing. They wave and blow kisses now. We moved your room back into the big room over the garage cause all your furniture fits better. It looks great in there; I will take a picture and send it to ya. Frosty stopped to visit and remind us of his farewell next Sunday. We are sad cause we can't go cause of the reunion but we told him we would stop by Sunday night and say good bye. He goes to the Chile MTC. Kars busy with work and the girls, jake school and the girls. Dave work and jensen, kt work and jensen. Dad and I, work, grand kids, yard work, and worshipping your school poster. I hug it every night before bed. The grand kids see it, so don't worry they will remember you. Love ya bud. You’re amazing and wonderful. Stay strong and motivated. If you need anything let us know. Hope you are sleeping well.
love ya,
do you miss asking if you have to do everything? Take care. Have a great week, excited to hear from you tomorrow. Love mama SueFace throwing a kiss
Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Aug 4, 2014, at 11:14 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

everything is awesome and my comp just got released so he is less stressed so that is good, I have honestly stayed the exact same size! and intend on doing so! i have used my camera but there isn't much to take pics of after the first week haha! I heard last week was nuts but fun! it will be weird at the reunion but it will be fun! katie will have a blast tell her to be safe and have fun, and try and learn some spanish;) glad he is talking that way he can talk to me on Christmas!!! oh btw fun fact, it has been basically a month!!! yay fastest month in the whole wide world right? Im excited that the girls are learning too.. gosh i love all of ya! I dont care where my furniture is as long as it looks good haha thanks for taking care of it! good that you got to see frosty! I saw owen yesterday and he is rocking it! i love that kid, Im pumped for him, he will wreck! I am glad everyone is busy and that you guys are taking care of stuff, i am excited that my nieces and nephew know who i am! how are kt and dave with the trying to have kids thing? sorry if touchy.. i am motivated and hearing from you guys only helps so thank you love you! I am sleeping probably second best in my room, it is funny the little arguments that happen about sleeping and what fans people want on, i just sit and chuckle! I do miss asking if i have to do everything, but ooo do you know where my toenail clippers are I may just buy some this week they are super inexpensive at the bookstore we get 40% off! but love ya i will talk to ya next week and write back to your letters! i spread spiritual thoughts throughout all of my emails home i put one in the other email so yay! love ya this church is true, if you cant read the zhongwen i will translate next week worst case scenario try and get trek to translate it! love ya take care of each other i know ya will i am so pumped for Taiwan, the people are gonna be sweet, we will be the oldest in a week it is weird! love ya! 


On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 11:21 AM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

Sounds like things are going great. Stay safe and healthy love you a ton. Keep up the incredible work you are doing. You are inspiring. I'm trying to get a package out today I can put some clippers in it. Love you much. Have a outstanding week. I will send a letter in the package. Face throwing a kissYellow heartPurple heartGreen heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

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On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 11:28 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:

Hey bro
Highlights of the week! Sharm delivered the Tragger, I think we are really going to like cooking with it! I've cooked fish, French toast, sausage, bacon and cookies on it so far...
We went to strawberry this weekend, katie, Dave, & jensen spent Friday night on the boat and karlie, jake and the girls came up early Saturday. Fishing was good! Caught a bunch of cuts and a few kokes...playing in the water was great.. Pics attached...
Church was good, we went to our ward and David and Megan’s ward because they blessed Lydia,... big family gathering after..
Syd played games and visited with us Sunday night.. Good times!!!
We are going to titensor reunion next week...
Thought from your old man for the week... Daily experiences shape and define who we are.. I love the definition you a creating for Caden Jensen!! Keep up the great work
Luv ya
Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Aug 4, 2014, at 11:09 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

thanks buddy! I am excited to cook on that things when i get back, still can't believe you are catching cokes in straw! did mom go? grandma talked about the blessing and said it was awesome so feicheng hao!  I forgot about the reunion I bet you are pumped for that hope it is fun! good thought thank you homie! love you man! my spiritual thought of the week! 

We should bear testimony is every way, John Groberg talked to us Tuesday and told us six ways to share testimony and he also discussed the importance of music which reminded me of when and great grandmas funeral someone brought up how she used to say, "the music is the gospel, the scriptures just back it up" how true that is! oooooo and chinese is coming it is nice we are teaching real people at TRC! did anyone catch a plastic bag at strawberry while wakeboarding this trip? ;) haha love ya man, oh I saw kitty again she may have told ya, she is cool and we got a new district leader, feng zhanglao i love the kid he is a blue white like me.  love you guys thank you for your support and your spirit! wo keyi shuo zhongwen yi dian dian! wo zhidao zhege jiaohui shi zhenshi de he wo bei Molounai shi zhong di san jie, he nayige shi hennan danshi wo keyi zuo souyou de shiqing gen Zhu! wo ai nimen qida nayiga! zai jian!

love you


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