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On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 11:14 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Well Hello Elder Jensen,
Hope your week has been great. I tried the Dear Elder thing hope it worked and you got my letter. How has your week been? Did you get Kar a letter written? We attended Owens farewell today, he did a good job. Sounds like you guys will leave the MTC on the same day. Talked to BUHLER for a few, soccer is slowing down for him so he is really getting ready and getting mission stuff done. Talked to Heleman for a few mins sounds like he is ready and excited to get going.
Is there anything you need from us that you can think of or any request for anything that we can send you. Everyone loves ya and asks about ya. Glad you are jumping in and learning the language. We sure love ya and appreciate your service to do the lords work. I will write ya during the week and try to send ya some pictures of the kids and stuff. Proud of your hard work and sacrifice. You are a great man with great faith and character. Love you very much. Face throwing a kissYellow heartPurple heartGreen heartHeavy black heartBlue heart
Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Jul 28, 2014, at 3:40 PM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
love you guys! the dear elder thing worked but you can just email and write if you want! I got letters written.. sorry it has taken so long i will try and send them tomorrow! i just have so much Zhongwen in my head that i lose track of stuff! sorry! but i am stoked to have Owen here! he is on west campus though:(! hope you are still instagramming haha I do not know that i can send pics from the mtc but i will get you plenty in six weeks! they shortened our departure date to the fifth of september and we lose a transfer (beccas transfer) tomorrow! i do not need anything, just the spirit and the gift of tongues haha! i love this this is honestly such a cool experience! thank you for the pics i dont know if i told you this but writing doesn't slow me down or unfocus me.. it like ultra focuses me and makes me pound work! it makes me think of the great things i have with you and makes me want to give those great things to others! we did TRC this week and it was awesome we were actually teaching people as themselves, and of course our mandarin is lacking but the spirit definitely helps, we even taught a real investigator who came with his active friend we taught the doctrine of Christ as taught in the mission.. it is cool! i memorized yuese simi expierience and that was hard but fun! i love you all! oh by the way read Bednars Character of Christ it is truly an incredible talk! love you all! talk to ya next week.. think about you always... love you all!

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 3:53 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Love you bud. We understand on the letter thing. We also understand your head is probably ready to exploded with all you are learning. Keep up the good work and your positive attitude and you will be blessed. Have an amazing week. Glad to hear you leave almost a week earlier then planned. We love hearing about your days and weeks and all you do. We love you more than you know. Take care of yourselfHeavy black heart Be safe and thanks for your love and obedience. Love ya

mama sue and familyGrowing heartRevolving heartsSparkling heartTwo hearts hugs and Kiss mark

Craig n Sue Jensen
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 On Jul 28, 2014, at 3:57 PM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Jin Zhanglaoxie xie ni! shi de, wo de head shi full of information! haha wo bukeyi manzu wo de chuanjiao ruguo wo buyou kuaile he nimen! wo fei chung ai nimen! wo shi safe he wo shi zai Zhu de hands! love you all! zai jian! 

Jin Zhanglao

 Other String from Dad
On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 11:31 PM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Hi Bro
Hope you had a great week! It sure was great getting your letters and emails last Monday.. Tender little mercy for G-ma and G-pa to run into you at the temple.. They love you soooo much!
Interesting how transfers work, sounds like a lot of Chinese speaking missionaries... We heard there is another Caden Jensen in the MTC right now, has that caused any confusion?
We had a great Pioneer day, played Utah FC in the morning, got beat pretty bad, didn't have all our players there... That afternoon mom and I went out for dinner and a movie... good times dating your mother. :-).
Friday was a good day at work, things are coming along well, I feel like I'm learning the business well and quickly becoming a valuable resource..
We played Utah Surf FC Friday night.. Tuff game we won 1-0, then played Jeff Lewis team Saturday morning... Still short players but gave them a good run.. lost 2-1. I think we will have a great team this fall.. Once we get all our players to show up regularly...
We visited with Syd Sunday night, she is soooo cool, glad she still likes to visit with us. We hope to take her and maybe Dan boating/fishing with us soon :-)
Owen did a pretty good job at his farewell today, you will probably see him later this week :-)
My last thought for my letter this week is something we talked about in Sunday school with the 15-16 yr olds... Remember the saying that goes something like this.. "Give a man a fish.. Feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish... Feed him for a lifetime.." You are a great fisherman! And I'm glad you have chosen to teach others how to Fish!!
Luv ya

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  On Jul 28, 2014, at 3:57 PM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

haha yeah we have two mandarin branches and ours is the third largest in the MTC haha but yeah kitty found the other elder jensen first! then she found me!
i am glad dating mom is fun, i am excited to get married when i get back sorry about the soccer game though that blows i feel like the season will get better though!  we lose a transfer tomorrow :( but i love our newby taichung kids:) we get to host on wednesday which i am pumped for we get to help missionaries feel welcome! sounds like the other two soccer games were solid though! thank you for keeping in contact with Syd! thank you home slice :) i hope i see owen.. and botch might come here too, he is having passport issues but all the spanish speakers are at west campus:( we only see them on tuesday and sunday nights! but dude i have always learned by teaching and i intend to continue doing so, love ya glad work is going well thank you for your example you truly make life better!


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