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Hello Elder Jensen,  (bubba)
Well it's been a busy week and is going to be another one. We are sending some pics of our week for you to enjoy.



The girls, getting ready for lunch, Jensen loves his new ninja turtle jacket.. plus it will be his Halloween costume. There are a few from the reunion which everyone missed you being there. The last few are of the ladies showing off their walking skills. Hope you have had a great week, and that things are well. We enjoyed the reunion but missed having you and kt there. We did the usual but added floating the salt river into our routine. Biesingers did the fireworks this year.
Frosty had his farewell today, we were driving home so we missed it but went over when we got home to say good bye. Not many boys left, I think Jessi leaves this week and there are four farewells this upcoming Sunday, Justin, Jacob, Heleman and Chris.
Hope your week has been a success and you are happy and progressing in the language.., of course you are, your name is Caden Jensen. I'm glad you aren't getting wrapped up in the tiffs and remain focused. We sure are proud of you and love you very much.
I will send a package tomorrow or Tuesday and put pens in it. Can you think of anything else you need? You’re the best, take care of yourself and know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for your example; you’re a great son, uncle, brother, and brother in law as well as an amazing person. We love you and appreciate all you're doing. We look forward to Monday and hearing about your week. Big hugs andKiss mark.

Love mama sue

Mom said I could add a couple lines to this email, it really was a busy week for us... A few highlights… Running the river on boat tubes was ok except for where I fell off... I didn’t have a life preserver on and lost my new Oakley glasses.... (Not good)... But could have been worse.. I could have died or lost my wedding ring like Dave Doty did (golfing)... Mom had to drive home because I couldn't see... She did awesome.. we took g-pa's excursion it runs strong now...
This week is the USA soccer tourney, we play every one of our games at 8:00 am.. It will be interesting to see who shows up and how we do... Crazy that school starts next week.. Time is flying already... Right?
Church in star valley was good Sunday, it was a returning sister missionary, she talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon.. And how if we are willing to open our mouths.. The Lord will fill in the blanks with what to say.. We obviously thought of you and how hard you are working to learn both what and how to share gospel messages..
Sure love ya son...

Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Aug 11, 2014, at 10:10 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

sounds like a freaking busy week but super fun! if we dont float the snake when i get back i am gonna be sad! that jacket Jensen is wearing is dope! and how is kate bate doing is costa? the girls are walking that is crazy! did you buy anything this year? so you didn't even participate in fireworks this year eh? lame! haha but i am pumped for those guys to get in here! the language is going well i love it, i hope you understood the part i put in the last email! but ha i could not do this stuff without the Lord, I am just an eighteen year old goob! pens are great love you all and will write back according to your letters;) weird to hear about the mountain (fire) by the way what was that all about? 

Sorry about your glasses homeslice, but i am glad that the excursion ran well and that the reunion was fun! I would freaking love having games at eight, you know me though, good luck man, and that is crazy that school starts! I was emailing cash monney and he was talking to me about stuff and syd and her schedule!

The Moermenjing (BofM) really is important and the Lord will help us know what we need to say!

my week was nuts too! we taught an LA who loves drinking and partying, has no interest in celestial glory and thinks church is boring, her family and boyfriend are active and so that will be fun! but we will figure it out through the Lord, we lose a transfer tomorrow which is sad, I love the transfer above us and it means that we are oldest, we switched zone leaders so me and Ni are now the zone leaders, so thats fun, people were saying congrats, but it isn't a recognition thing it is a service thing right? love you guys! Today we went to the temple first off i saw payton which was weird! but we did sealing and there was an older sister in there and her  husband isn't active and hasn't been for 52 years she was a sweetheart, and the sealer told us how he had lost his wife, and we will never understand how much a righteous female companion will bless our lives! they bear the priesthood in ways we do not understand and our lives would be miserable without them, it was the first marriage talk i have ever received but it was so powerful, so thank you mom kt and karlie for being those righteous women who bless our households every minute of every day I love you all so much, so hope you aren't crying but love you all and i will  talk to you next week I will try and get some pics to ya today!;)


Jin Zhanglao

Ni ciai de erzi


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I know you hated to lose the transfer but that means you are getting closer to going yourself. Yes when you come home we will float the river. We saw syd twice this week. She babysat for the girls and visited with me and came over last night. She is keeping busy and getting ready for school. Hope you’re feeling well. Kt is having a lot of fun but really missing Jensen and Dave. Congrats on being zone leader, it's awesome that you are so dedicated to The Lord and his work. Have a great week and keep up your positive and enthusiastic attitude and that smile that makes everyone else smile. Love you bub you’re wonderful. Talk next weekGreen heartFace throwing a kiss


Craig n Sue Jensen

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On Aug 11, 2014, at 10:26 AM, "Caden Jensen" <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

thanks:) and i am glad that you got to see her and yay for babysitting! it is crazy that school is so soon! i am glad she is having fun! thanks but no need for congrats! love you btw my comps kind of gf's sis just passed away so keep him and them in your prayers sorry for that… love ya!


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