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How's it going? Hopefully you were able to go to the temple this week. Sounds like the Jorgensens are pretty great people! Thanks for the pics, we will try to send you a couple from this weekend. We've had a good week. Monday was games and snacks for FHE, Tuesday I tinkered on the boat and garage stuff. Wednesday was lawn mowing night. Thursday we went to the Morrey's for dinner and games in their new back yard.. Friday I went up to the cabin, worked on the Tomcars and hung out with the family. Our Tomcar probably needs the engine rebuilt, and dads has some serious axel and drum issues, I've got to order him some parts.. We burned a hollow log that night which was cool as always. Saturday was the Jensen reunion up at the cabin, all of Doyle and Roses kids were there. And then Whitney and Teresa were there. The Biesinger kids and Michael did really good with the rockets, probably the best distance ever Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Good times good eats.
We sure love our families, good to know that we can be with them forever! Missionary service sure has been an active subject lately, lots of peeps completing their service and more going out, it's probably not that different but seems like we know most of them because they are your friends Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Love ya bro have a great week

Howdy bud,
Hope you got your temple trip in and enjoyed it. The temple is always a peaceful calming place to be. How was your week? Glad to hear that you are getting to know the Jergensens and that you are working hard and work well with your comp. Sorry anxiety got to you this week, everything ok? Pray, trust and ask The Lord, he will help. You are a great man! Great stories and experiences this last week from you. Great for the baptism dates and sad about the boy and his dad! Makes you very thankful that you are blessed with such a great and loving dad! Our week went well other then the garage door breaking and the garbage disposal as well. Hope we are done with fixes. Good thing dad is a handy man and can fix things, love him for that. Hope the Morrey's wrote you and told you what they are having. Dylan Reay is getting married, excited for him. They say hi!  Sunday is cordons farewell, then he leaves Wednesday. McKay got his call it is back east I believe. Love you son, I think of you everyday! Proud of you, appreciate you and respect what you are doing. Take care of my handsome young man and keep smilinGrinning face with smiling eyesHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart️"Take heart defend your beliefs be strong live the gospel faithfully Forge unshakable faith remain steadfast it is worth it."Jeffrey R Holland

Love you muchFace throwing a kissBlue heartPurple heartHeavy black heart️mom

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life is going great! this week will be fun! the Jergensens are great I love them! thank you for the pics as well! yeah for games, I miss that! that sounds super fun! yeah for tinkering! how is their backyard, I heard it is going to be awesome! dang, are you gonna try anything new with the engine in the tomcar?  I am sorry that is no fun! hollow logs, so fun! I hope the reunion was fun! did they do the bottle rockets? and did you redo the things? or at least the o rings? that sounds like a great week! and man, it is crazy to see how many people are coming and going, it blows my mind how many people are going home and then who is actually old enough to go on a mission now! super cool, hope that your week was great! love you big guy! 
 mama! we are going in just a second! I am so excited I need the temple haha! this week has been great! they are a great President and Wife! I love Elder Griffin! and it is good it was just Sunday! all is well! yeah that boy was super sad, this week we had a similar experience! dad is a champ, so thanks for that dad! oh man, the garage door broke too! that stinks but way to be pops on the tinkering! so pumped to see what they are having! and his wife better skate haha! tell him congrats! so cool cordon goes in today!!! that is so exciting!!! so proud of all my friends! such champions! love you all so much! haha life is great out here! the Lord is taking care of me, that is all I need! I really like that quote! super true! love you all so much! here is my week! what a fantastic week and a half! It has been full of miracles! especially when it comes to finding and getting investigators progressing! to start off, a couple finding stories! this week we had a day with about 2 hours of finding, and we went out and worked and worked, at the beginning everyone seemed uninterested, but we kept going, slowly people started getting more and more interested! finally we found one lady who shared some cool experiences that she had had in the past, then she set a date, came to church and has met with us two times since, the following day, we were in the church at night, and we see this lady we didn't recognize, and we asked what ward she was from, she looked super confused, and then we asked who she was, and why she was there, she replied "well, I've seen it before and I really love Christian stuff, and wait, when can I be a missionary?" we were so confused but so pumped! we told her she would have to get baptized first and learn some stuff and she said "ok, so after I am baptized, I can prepare?" we were amazed! The Lord blessed us a lot this week! last little story I want to share from this week is another contacting one, we were walking and contacted a lady, she rejected us at first, but we felt like we should keep talking to her, she started talking to us, and it was a good conversation, then I asked her if she was happy today, then laughing she said "why? do I look super sad?" almost sarcastically, then she covered her face and started sobbing, we were so confused, we gave her the opportunity to just vent, she is going through a divorce (we think, she didn't say it straight out) she told us she needed to give up on some family, and it hurt her a lot! but then she said, but I have my two cute children so that is all that matters, then she thanked us, and told us we should go eat lunch sometime, it was such a miracle! the Lord really leads us to those who need us! last thing I learned this week, the scriptures always say our purpose is to invite people to repent, and that always sounds super harsh, but as you think about it, we invite people to get baptized, baptism has a process involved, of getting rid of bad habits, then completely cleansing yourself, it is complete repentance! I thought that was awesome! we are very excited to go to the temple today it will be a great time! we also had great interviews yesterday! we always love interviews! love you all! see you soon! keep up the good work! 



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