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they definitely throw you into it! I only have about five minutes to write, so I'm here I'm safe, I'm enjoying it and everyone in my district is a freaking champ, especially wo tongban ni zhonglao (elder Nielson)> Love you all take care of each other, I will let you know when P-day is when I find out! see you soon enough and may the Lord bless you for this temporary sacrifice! love you>
Jin Zhonglao (Elder Jensen)

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Hey Jin How's it going? I said "we are here" for a subject because you said "I'm here" in your first email out (which was freakin awesome to get) We are not sure how best to communicate with you.. Let us know what works best.. Things are settling down here, we don't cry as much, we are soooo proud and happy that you have chosen to serve these two short years. I'm excited for you and the things you will experience! FYI we didn't do that great at the soccer tournament, we were missing too many good players, we played tough but lost all four games.. one game 6-1 (ouch) the other three games we only lost by one goal (4-3, 3-2, 2-1..) fortunately we scored in every game, which is a good sign :-) Goals scored on us were usually defensive or goalie error. I'm not sure what all to put in a email/letter to my favorite missionary son! I remember the long letters got a little boring so you can rest assured that I'll usually be brief.. One thing I'll share before I wrap up; remember how awesome you've done in school and life, I think much of your success is because you adopted the "See one, Do one, Teach one" philosophy. Keep up the great work! I've always enjoyed you helping me and teaching me, watching you help and serve others has been an inspiration. I love you Caden (Jin) Have a great day
Craig Jensen
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FYI Email from Caden
From: Caden Jensen
Date: July 14, 2014 at 11:00:43 AM MDT
Re: We are here 
dude it is definitely stressful but i love it. we taught our first fake mudaoyo - "investigator" on the second day, it is rough to communicate in chinese when you do not know any, my liaoshi -"teacher" is awesome though, she is constantly speaking in zhongwen "chinese" which is way nice! the other day she pulled us aside and told us that trying to speak the language is the best thing you can do, and it is so true! I have tried to teach and some of it i can, but almost everyone in the district took some chinese, but tones are my stuff dude it is way nice! sorry about the tournament that blows! did max play well? thanks for believing in me, cause dude this is hard, but i freaking love it! yesterday we had a devotional at night, oh and i am in MTC choir, our whole district is, but music is incredible, it carries so much spirit! it keeps me sane! sundays and p days = salvation! i like them (emails and letters) fairly short, but still meaningful! am i supposed to write a huge email for everyone? idk ive never done this! I love you all im glad that it is getting easier, if you email i will email back, if you write i will write back, but really either way works, email just may be quicker! you all make me happy, these two years in our eternity are worth an eternity for many others!
love you all
Jin Zhonglao 


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