7-14 email from Caden

Craig N Sue Wrote:
Elder Jensen
We know you are probably swamped with letters and emails.. But thought we'd send you a few pics from the weekend...
We cleaned up your Bronco..  (Took out the amps and subs)
Sydney came over for 3 hours Sunday night and hung with the fam, (we like her Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes)
Dan cut his finger real good Grinning face with smiling eyes
Tate and Max both did great on their talks/farewells.
We love you bud!
Thanks for being AWESOME!

Caden Wrote:
btw i will try and send pics next week! love ya! that thing (bronco) has never looked so good! thanks for taking out my babies (sub woofers and speakers) and for taking care of syd, I'm glad you like her! good to see you're still on insta! howd he (Dan) do it that is pretty nasty! keep taking  care of her by the way! i am glad they did well, I'll see tate soon! all of the orientals are in the same building! i saw jo and eric harrison and nick and rhett, i am still looking for elder pope though! love you guys it feels like a whole different world in here, days move slow but the week has flown by! love you all talk to you in a week and i will write your letters and get those sent soon! i can only write and email on p days and i can only email for an hour! Exact Obedience brings miracles (zone motto) love you all listen to music is carries the spirit!
Jin Zhonglao

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